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Cassio Audi Incognito as Former Rock Star

Cassio Audi Incognito as Former Rock Star

For Brazilian Cassio Audi, his adult life has been filled with many years spent in board rooms as a successful business owner and entrepreneur. What many of his fellow entrepreneurs and business acquaintances do not know is that for a few short years in the 1980s, this man across the table from them was a rock star. That is right. The man with a suit and tie hammering out a business deal used to tour South America and Europ as a member of the iconic Brazilian heavy metal band, Viper.

It all began in 1985 when Audi wasn’t even old enough to drive a car. He and some of his classmates used to pack each others basements and garages nearly every night and cover some of their favorite songs. These mostly included songs from the then-popular English metal band, Iron Maiden. Cassio was the drummer in this band the group and they quickly named themselves Viper. They quickly realized that they were pretty good at this band thing and friends and family members began to take notice. This attention caused them to record a demo they called The Killera Sword. The demo tape was then played all over Brazilian radio and the band began to gain popularity.

With Cassio Audi’s hard-hitting drum solos and their uncanny ability to sing their lyrics in perfect English, the band began to get recognition worldwide. In 1987 the group recorded their first studio album, Soldiers of Sunrise, which became a success. They toured Brazil and Europe that same year, drawing larger crowds than anyone expected. They recorded their second album, Theatre of Fate in 1989 and the album was a huge success, particularly in Japan.Cassio Audi left the band to attend college in 1989 and never returned to the band. He became a successful entrepreneur but for a few years three decades ago, he was a rock star.