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The Academy of Art University Teaches Thier Students to Apply Themselves

The Academy of Art University Teaches Thier Students to Apply Themselves

The Academy of Art University fosters learning in all of the services that they provide and in all of their programs. They foster critical thinking and challenge their students to push themselves and to take inspiration from their environment. They want to help prepare their students for a successful career in art.

The Academy of Art has had a runway showcase at the New York Fashion Week for 21 years in a row, and as always, they have featured collections by their talented graduates. Their designers are from all over the world and have used many different mediums and experiences to create their unique collections.

Hailun Zhou is from China and used inspirational photographs and experiences to create her pieces out of PVC and vinyl. Eden Slezin, from the Bay Area, melded together life and love with aged denim. Eden even incorporated rubber bike tubes into his collection.

Dina Marie Lam used soft and luxurious materials and used emotions to convey feelings through her collection. Carlos Rodriguez, from Mexico City, used delicate embroidery to embellish rich knits and Saya Shen was inspired by the beautiful landscapes of China and San Fransisco to help the audience escape into beauty.

Joanna Jadallah used the experiences of her ancestors to portray their culture into the wool, lambskin leather, and knits and brocades of her collection. Cana Klebanoff was born in Queens and was inspired by architecture, samurai, and nature. His pieces offered a sense of strength and pride. Ryan Yu experimented with light and dark and the bold contrast of the colors. Jelly Shan drew on temples, religion, and prayer flags as her inspiration for her collection.

The Academy of Art University teaches eager-to-learn students who want to express themselves. The university is an inclusive admissions institution and will teach all who come. They are disciplined and dedicated to their students and offer the state-of-the-art learning techniques that are available.

The Academy of Art University employs experienced designers, career artists, and scholars to teach their pupils and they’re able to draw on years of study to teach to the best of their ability.