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New Brunswick can Thank Omar Boraie for its Life

New Brunswick can Thank Omar Boraie for its Life

Omar Boraie is the sole reason why the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey is alive and active today. In a time when the 1% have an awful reputation, Omar Boraie brings goodness back to the group of people. It is evidence that not all rich people have cruel and vindictive hearts. Rather, this man has been like a second father to the city of New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie has dedicated 40 years of his life to helping New Brunswick become the city he dreamed it could be. He longed to make it and model it after the great economic centers that could be found in the European Union. Many people scoffed at his ideals, but he now can sit back knowing that he did a wonderful job making that a reality. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Sam Boraie helped to rebuild New Brunswick by first focusing on the families. New Brunswick had a horrible reputation of being a place you do not want to raise your children. He financed several nonprofits in the area that could focus on making this place more accepting to families. One of them became a partner with State Theater to provide seven free movie nights to those who were living in the community. This outreach lasted for two months and gave 7500 families time to connect with those that they loved.

Omar Boraie then helped rebuild New Brunswick by keeping jobs in the local area. As any dying city knows, people are always going to follow the jobs. New Brunswick was losing their available jobs at a discouraging rate. Omar Boraie heard on the street that Johnson & Johnson was considering leaving. He sat down with them and financially worked out a plan to allow them to stay in the city and even employ additional workers. Check out statetheatrenj.org to see more.

Omar then began trying to bring back the middle class professionals that were so vital to his city. His plan was to create class A office space that normally would be very expensive but then offer it for a lower price than competing cities. This would allow young upstart professionals who normally could not afford such office space to come to New Brunswick and begin the practice. This had the added benefit of making those practices seem more illustrious than they really were. Omar Boraie did the exact same thing with residential space and professionals moved to the city and began paying taxes.