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The Brown Agency Builds A Strong Reputation As A Leader In The Modeling Industry

The Brown Agency Builds A Strong Reputation As A Leader In The Modeling Industry

The modeling industry is filled with many different agencies and training groups who have been seeking to build a reputation as quickly and efficiently as The Brown Agency has from its base in Austin, Texas. The Brown Agency was launched from the successful Wilhemina Austin modeling group under the leadership of former model Justin Brown who has been a part of the Wilhemina Austin brand which has proven successful in providing acting talent for a range of major organizations.

The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin and has offices in Los Angeles which is close to the Southern California roots of Justin Brown who was himself once a successful model during his college years; it was during his college years the business leader who has lived the majority of his life in Reno, Nevada before embarking on a modeling career that would help pay his way through college. The rise of Justin Brown to a position of prominence in the modeling industry came quickly as he always felt his role should be behind the camera working with a top modeling agency. By the time he turned 21, Brown was working as one of the leading agency professionals in California and was placing talent with some of the world’s leading modeling companies.

According to Marketwired, the launch of The Brown Agency in 2015 saw the modeling talent agency soon assemble a talent roster consisting of more than 400 clients in Austin, Texas and beyond who have dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. The Brown Agency was born from the earlier Heyman Talent South agency which was acquired by Wilhemina Auston and allowed Justin Born to extend his career as one of the rising stars of U.S. modeling. The experience of working in Austin has been a productive one for Justin Brown after he arrived in the Texan city in 2005 and embarked on a career training models through his own development company.

The linkup between Justin Brown and Wilhemina has afforded the head of The Brown Agency the chance to enjoy the large level of resources available to one of the leading national modeling agencies. The links to the Heyman Talent South brand have not been completely lost as the founder of the former agency, Michael B. Bonnee will remain in place leading the hunt for theatrical talent to add to the growing list of clients for one of the leading new modeling and talent agencies in the U.S.

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