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Sheldon Lavin’s Commitment To Investing In Food Production And More Jobs

Sheldon Lavin’s Commitment To Investing In Food Production And More Jobs

Sheldon Lavin is a CEO who loves what he does so much that he’s finding it impossible to retire. He’s already beyond 80 years old, but those who know him could tell you his enthusiasm for his company, OSI Industries has not waned one bit. Lavin has been with OSI Industries more than 40 years and has seen it grow to having 55 meat processing and distribution centers across 16 different countries and still continuing to this day. Lavin certainly has always been an ambitious businessman, but he’s also very personable and is available to listen when managers or employees have something to say. Lavin has invested a lot in both the company and in making life better for its people.

Sheldon Lavin actually originally had no plans to even enter the meat industry because his vocational training and early career revolved around investment banking and finance. He assumed once he had started his own financial consulting company that that was where he would be until retirement, but it was while he was here that he was asked to offer advice for Otto & Sons, the original name of OSI Industries. The owners of this company wanted to hear from Lavin how they could raise the capital needed to grow it and match what their partner, the McDonald’s franchise wanted. Lavin did such a good job that he was asked to become CEO and go into it full-time. He didn’t want the position initially because he was only interested in financial consulting, but after seeing an opportunity to build something special at Otto & Sons, he accepted the offer and soon took over ownership.

Sheldon Lavin’s time as CEO and Chairman of OSI Group has seen not only growth, but also an increase in employment opportunities for some companies that were struggling. Lavin led the acquisitions of Flagship Europe in the UK and Baho Food in The Netherlands when they were on the verge of closing, and he had them keep their original names and continued product lines while also adding OSI’s services. He also helped buy a Tyson Food plant in south Chicago that also was about to close and made sure to offer all current employees there a chance to retain their jobs. Lavin believes in investing in his community as well and has served as a trustee for Rush University Medical Center, and he also supports the Jewish United Fund.

Sheldon Lavin’s Linkedin page is https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheldon-lavin-a325b98