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Jorge Moll, the Global Mogul

Jorge Moll, the Global Mogul

Jorge Neval Moll Filhois, a resident of Brazil who came up with the health diagnostics in the year 1977. He is also a cardiologist and studied at the Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro where he got his master’s in public health. He changed his lab into Brazil’s largest chain of private hospitals. He then sold his labs D’├ôr subsidiary to the publicly traded Fleury during the year of 2010 for $750 million. He took over the ownership of the Sao Luiz in Sao Paulo, a different hospital group, under a contract sponsored by his fellow billionaire Estevez Andre’s BTG Pactual Bank, via the alterable debentures in the same year.

Most of Jorge’s revenue comes from his stake in the Rede D’Or, this hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro and is the largest network of private hospitals in Brazil, based on the data on the firm’s website. Rede D’Or recorded an annual fortune of $1.7 billion based on the firm’s last year’s annual report. It contains 35 hospitals and over five thousand beds. Moll owns 59 percent of the Rede D’Or. Read more about Jorge Moll at crunchbase.com.

Rede D’Or hospitals are valued by use of the common piece-to-earnings combination of three publicly traded nobles: Gennoma Lab Internacional, Instituto de Diagnostico, and the Healthscope. A ten percent rate is applied since GIC, the Singapore sovereign wealth fund, gave close to $626 million for the 11.7 percent stake in the organization during December 2015, valuing it more significant than its competitors.

Read: http://idor.org.br/midia/dr-jorge-moll-fala-sobre-emocoes

This valuation credits Jorge Moll with the investment in proceeds from the sale of the Rede D’Or’s laboratory entity Cardiolabs to Fleury at the cost of $720 million in the year 2011. The value of Jorge’s money investment is according to the analysis of taxes, dividends, sales and market performance. The Rede D’Or receives over 2 million people in the emergency rooms in just one year. The team is also equipped with 30 oncology clinics.

Jorge Moll did retire from his Chief Executive Officer position and crowned the chair of the board in the year 2014. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.