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Cassio Audi’s Journey From Music to Finance

Cassio Audi’s Journey From Music to Finance

The legendary Cassio Audi has had an intriguing resume. Audi is a business man with a fascinating career in music. He was born in Sao Paulo Brazil and began his music career as a drummer in a rock band called Viper. He later attended Pontifical University and graduated in 1994 with a masters degree in business.

Before attending college, Audi was a member of the band Viper. The band, Viper, was started by Yves and Passarell. The band then added Felipe and Andre Matos. The group of friends produced many hits and did amazingly well in Brazil. Audi used this musical experience as a stepping stone into the world of music and business. He made connections with others in the field of music that would allow him the opportunity to expand his career. Audi used his musical connections to pitch new ideas, new songs, and other music ideas. His talent and persistent attitude attracted the admiration of Brazilians. Read this article at newmaqui.com.br.

Viper continued on their successful musical journey; topping the music charts in Europe, Japan, and throughout the United States.

Cassio decided to then look beyond music and turn his focus on the financial industry in Brazil. While the economy of Brazil was in need of some assistance, Cassio Audi created portfolios to assist retirees and the young population of Brazil.

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Cassio’s qualifications are unlike any other. His 23 years of experience in finance management provide him with the expertise and qualifications to handle financial accounts with expertise. He can advise public or private accounts and assist with strategies for growth and development. Watch this video on Youtube.