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In the recent past, regenerative medicine has been famous and acceptable by many patients across the world. This is why, biomaterials, molecules, and cells have been donated and transplanted to patients to cure existing injuries and disorders. However, there is a wide gap in the regenerative medicine sector to meet the world’s high demand for cell transplant. Furthermore, regenerative medicine hasn’t been major medical treatment practice in most areas of medicine.

The earliest mode of cell therapy was blood transfusion which is popular in numerous clinics. It was followed by bone marrow transplantation that applied the bone marrow stem cells from a donor to victims of blood cancer. Cell therapy enabled a patient with severe burn injuries and scalds to have a transplant and heal from the injury. Additionally, it produces extraordinary clinical outputs that saves thousands of patients.

The Toronto Surgeon and regenerative medicine professional, Dr. Cameron Clokie, is a serial entrepreneur, a scientist, a maxillofacial and oral surgeon. Dr. Clokie is the Induce Biologics Inc’s Chief Executive Officer that provides innovative solutions for reconstruction of musculoskeletal. He joined McGill University obtained a Doctor Dental Surgery in 1985 and a Bone Regeneration doctorate (Ph.D.). He has engaged in clinical practice and academic dentistry for over 3 decades. Furthermore, he served in various positions on the scientific advisory boards in numerous companies.

In 1998, Cameron Clokie became the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Professor at the University of Toronto. He made numerous international and national presentations and published numerous papers on regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction. Dr. Cameron Clokie presented the Health and Longevity, Science and Technology that focused on the future of regenerative medicine in 2006.

In 2017, Cameron Clokie retired from academics and focus on his company; Induce Biologics Inc. He successfully collaborated with enterprises to remit his regenerative medicine knowledge into commercially feasible businesses. He has handled numerous surgeries and saved the lives of thousands of patients that needed cell therapy. Dr. Clokie practices the full scope of the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

As the public attention is fixated on the investigations on the Russia and President Trump link, the Republican leaders are equally busy dismantling vital campaign finance laws. There are fears that the Supreme Court might once again allow the rights it granted during the 2010 Citizens United decision to extend to the tax-exempted and not-for-profit organizations such as churches. It is likely that the Supreme Court might give this order if at all the President and his allies get their way. President Trump has already issued an executive order aimed at weakening the Johnson Amendment. The amendment specifically forbids organizations such as churches from participating in any political campaigns in support of any candidate under 501(c)(3). The House is trying to destroy this amendment altogether.

End Citizens United’s Press Release

End Citizens United issues a press release on August 30, 2017, which opposed the current attempts by the administration to do away with the fundamental protections guaranteed by the Johnson Amendment. The amendment was introduced by Lyndon Johnson, a U.S. Senator who went on to become president. According to the president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, this move would enable churches to be turned into secret tools for campaign spending. In addition, all the persons who would be making their donations to churches will be able to get tax deductions. The amendment stated that if any church, university and charity participated in political campaigns, it risked losing its tax-exempt status.

If this amendment is done away with, people will never know whether their money will be used at all after they make donations in churches and other tax-exempt organizations. Although it is not common for the IRS to revoke the tax-exempt status of an organization, it has happened in the past. In 1992, a church that used a full page to advertise to Christians urging them not to vote for Bill Clinton led to its revocation of its tax-exempt status. However, in the recent past, there has been no revocation that has taken place and some organizations have been violating the Johnson Amendment without any action been taken. It is clear that the amendment was weakened a long time ago and now the Republicans wish to eradicate the whole amendment in totality. However, End Citizens United believes that this will not be possible as long as it has its say in the matter. Read more Wikipedia.org to know more ECU.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 in response to the decision reached by the Supreme Court in the 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC. This decision allowed the penetration of dark money into the U.S. political campaigning. The ECU has worked tirelessly to have the decision overturned and it supports political candidates who are ready to fight the campaign finance system in place currently. The ECU identifies and funds the political campaigns of such candidates in a bid to have them win in the upcoming elections in 2018 and get rid of big money in the political arena. Visit: https://technewsspy.com/2017/10/06/end-citizens-united-explains-why-we-need-to-re-evaluate-our-campaign-finance-rules/



What better opportunity one has to develop core intelligence and learn effective strategies towards building wealth from real estate investing. NV Real Estate Academy, a workshop started by Nick Vertucci strives to help investors realize their goals faster through education. As someone who personally achieved financial independence to last his family a lifetime, after a fallback from income stability.

He’s kind enough to help others avoid such a predicament. The invitation a friend tendered him to attend a three-day workshop focused on real estate investing initially got him started. Years later, his investments are paying off. As the chief executive and creator of NVREA (NV Real Estate Academy), Nick Vertucci remains optimistic about the program offerings. Besides an education, he’s confident that this system provides the ammunition one needs through real hands-on training.

The academy has commissioned a brilliant team of industry leaders, educators and trainers to guide its learners. The takeaway is that one will learn best practices to tackle and overcome the industry’s greatest challenges. With this hands-on training, one will develop strategies to hunt, select and execute incredible real estate deals. Regardless of the obstacles faced, NVREA aims to help an investor foster unparalleled success for every real estate project.

Since Nick Vertucci established NVREA and became its principal in 2013, he’s expanded the company through fundraising initiatives. He developed his decade-long career in real estate learning from top industry players. He’s achieved extensive experience wholesaling and rehabbing real estate and flipping it for profit. Additionally, he’s learned how to increase cash flow from real estate investing and more.

This business magnate and real estate expert acquired massive wealth doing what he truly enjoys. Real estate funding can even be sourced from a traditional retirement plan, be it 401k or an IRA. Mr. Vertucci learned how to leverage a standard retirement plan to fund real estate investments. NVREA introductory workshop is totally free and is the beginning of a life-changing event for a future real estate investor.

Nick Vertucci literally transformed his family’s life forever and created a lasting financial legacy from real estate investing. He spent over a decade learning about real estate and cultivating sound strategies that consistently delivered maximum returns. What’s incredible about this system is that it has a foolproof design. Anyone with the right drive and determination to learn his system can find massive success with NVREA. He’s found financial freedom in a way where debt is history.

OSI Group is a privately-owned company specializing in meat processing and services both retail and food service industries. The food processing company was founded in 1909 in the United States. The company has its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois State in the United States of America. The company supplies sandwiches, beef patties and sausage links to its customers. OSI Industries operates in China, Europe and in the United States. The food processing company’s unit in the United Kingdom recently won the Globe of Honour Award in 2016. The award was given to the OSI by the British Safety Council for its continued tremendous efforts of managing environmental risks.

OSI Group acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company manufacturing meat products as well as other food items for food industries. Baho food operates in Germany and Netherlands and has five subsidiary companies including Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Food and Gelderland Frischwaren that serve over 18 countries all over Europe. The acquisition will widen the market for OSI products across Europe.

The company also purchased Tyson Foods, a food processing company and storage facility based in Chicago. The facility that is close to the OSI’s Chicago unit will help in the development and expansion of the Chicago facility. Tyson food will assist OSI in meeting their customers’ demands in Chicago and the neighboring states.

Apart from acquiring Baho Foods and Tyson Foods, OSI Industries has also purchased Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is food company specializing in the supplies of mayonnaise, sauces, sous vide products, frozen poultry, and dressing to the foodservice market in the United Kingdom. Flagship Europe purchased Calder Food that supplies mayonnaise, marinades and sandwich fillings. The Flagship Europe was initially owned by the Flagship Food Group. The acquisition has increased OSI Groups’ presence in the food industry. This will enable the company to cover more grounds in Europe and will, therefore, reach many European customers.

Currently, OSI Industries has employed over 20,000 employees on a full-time basis. It offers equal opportunities to qualified professionals irrespective of race, religion, color, sex, disability status and national origin. OSI Industries is among the top 100 Food Companies in the United States. This is due to the fact that the companies provide quality foods and quality services to its customers. It has also broadened its operations to other countries globally. The company received the ISO 14001 Certification for environmental certification. Its executives include Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald who are its Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operating Officer respectively.

For details: www.careersinfood.com/osi-group-company-1088.htm

Brazil, at this time is very affected by a financial crisis that has put a damper on all that occurs there. They are trying to devise ways to improve the conditions that are plaguing the people of the area. Since there are people that really care, there should be signs of improvement in the future.

For the people of the area, they are trusting their government and their major to implement new things that can make it better. Since there are projects that they have underway at the time, they are confident that it will begin to improve at a fast rate.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a man that leads the people. He is charge of Infrastructure projects, and he is implementing the changes that he sees fit. His experience and education has helped him to see what needs to be done, and he is doing everything in his power to do so.

When Felipe Montoro Jens decides to do something, the people tend to listen. They find that he knows what he is doing, and he will find solutions to the problems that others cannot do.

Having someone like Felipe Montoro Jens in power gives the people the confidence that they were lacking before. They are looking forward to a brighter future that will be filled with better offerings for the people of Brazil. He has made it clear that he will do what it takes to bring Brazil into a better financial picture that does not keep a crisis situation continuing anymore.

When Felipe Montoro Jens decides on a plan, he follows through with it. This is why the people trust him. They know that he will do the right thing at all times, and he will care about what happens to them and the area. It will prove to be an exciting time of change while he is in the power position that he has at this time.

The legal profession is one of the most admired and respected professions in the world. It is a profession that attracts very good pay. However, for one to qualify as a lawyer, there must be dedication and commitment to working hard. The process of qualifying as a lawyer is rigorous and one that only dedicated people will accomplish. This means that it’s not a profession where jokers will be tolerated. Brazil is a country that practices constitutional law. It is guided by a constitution that was passed about 30 years ago. The law of the constitution is supreme and no other law that contradicts the constitution is allowed to be practiced.

The process of becoming a lawyer in Brazil needs a student of law to undergo through five years of law degree program from a recognized university. These are institutions that are approved by the relevant law body to offer law courses. After the completion of the five years program, law graduates are supposed to go through the school of law where they are must sit for a bar examination that they must pass for them to be recognized as lawyers. Those who pas the bar examination are listed under the Brazilian bar council. This is the body that regulates lawyers in the country.

About Ricardo Tosto, visit here.

Ricardo Tosto is a leading lawyer in Brazil. He is a co-founder of the Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. This is the best law firm in the country. Ricardo Toto went to the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. After his studies, he went to work for various law firms as an intern.

Ricardo Tosto practices corporate law. This means that he helps business mostly to deals with lawsuits. He also has a background in finance studies. This makes his services to the banking sector admirable. He is a lawyer who is dedicated to his work and does not disappoint his clients.

Ricardo Tosto @ https://br.linkedin.com/in/ricardo-tosto-9556a817

James Dondero is the founder and president of Dallas-based Highland Capital Management. Besides, he is passionate about improving the Dallas community. His relentless efforts at the University Virginia’s McIntire School of Business earned him a BS in Accounting and Finance. That gave him the needed certification and experience to advance his career in the world of accounting and finance. He started his financial training program in 1984 at JPMorgan Chase & Co., which eventually landed him to his dream job at American Express. James Dondero would manage $1 billion worth of assets at American Express between 1985 and 1989. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

In 1989, he left American Express for Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary as the Chief Investment Officer. He helped Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary to transform as from a concept company into a $2 billion business. After honing his managerial skills, James Dondero founded an investment firm, Highland Capital Management in 1993. Over time, Highland Capital Management has grown to become one of the US largest alternative credit management firms. It specializes in credit hedge funds, credit accounts, and private equity accounts.

While James Dondero dedicates a significant portion of his time to his work, he also finds an opportunity to engage in charitable work. He supports various charitable organizations that are focused on improving the Dallas community. Mr. Dondero recently donated $1 million to rebuild the Dallas Zoo after it closed its hippopotamus habitat. In total, James Dondero and other local philanthropists raised $14 million for the cause. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

James Dondero is thrilled to manage a company that cares about improving the lives of Dallas residents. Besides the Dallas Zoo, Mr. Dondero has also offered financial aid to the George W. Bush Presidential Library as well as the Perot Museum. His desire was not to start an investment firm for selfish reasons. One of his primary missions is to get involved in philanthropic work. Mr. Dondero commits to making Dallas a better place to attend school, work, and live. Through his investment firm, Mr. Dondero is interested in any opportunity that brightens the future of the Dallas community. James Dondero takes pride in having over 30 years of experience working in the equity and credit markets.

View: http://www.jamesdondero.com/market-insight/

The modeling industry is filled with many different agencies and training groups who have been seeking to build a reputation as quickly and efficiently as The Brown Agency has from its base in Austin, Texas. The Brown Agency was launched from the successful Wilhemina Austin modeling group under the leadership of former model Justin Brown who has been a part of the Wilhemina Austin brand which has proven successful in providing acting talent for a range of major organizations.

The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin and has offices in Los Angeles which is close to the Southern California roots of Justin Brown who was himself once a successful model during his college years; it was during his college years the business leader who has lived the majority of his life in Reno, Nevada before embarking on a modeling career that would help pay his way through college. The rise of Justin Brown to a position of prominence in the modeling industry came quickly as he always felt his role should be behind the camera working with a top modeling agency. By the time he turned 21, Brown was working as one of the leading agency professionals in California and was placing talent with some of the world’s leading modeling companies.

According to Marketwired, the launch of The Brown Agency in 2015 saw the modeling talent agency soon assemble a talent roster consisting of more than 400 clients in Austin, Texas and beyond who have dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. The Brown Agency was born from the earlier Heyman Talent South agency which was acquired by Wilhemina Auston and allowed Justin Born to extend his career as one of the rising stars of U.S. modeling. The experience of working in Austin has been a productive one for Justin Brown after he arrived in the Texan city in 2005 and embarked on a career training models through his own development company.

The linkup between Justin Brown and Wilhemina has afforded the head of The Brown Agency the chance to enjoy the large level of resources available to one of the leading national modeling agencies. The links to the Heyman Talent South brand have not been completely lost as the founder of the former agency, Michael B. Bonnee will remain in place leading the hunt for theatrical talent to add to the growing list of clients for one of the leading new modeling and talent agencies in the U.S.

Read more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/justin-brown-5#/entity

Sheldon Lavin is a CEO who loves what he does so much that he’s finding it impossible to retire. He’s already beyond 80 years old, but those who know him could tell you his enthusiasm for his company, OSI Industries has not waned one bit. Lavin has been with OSI Industries more than 40 years and has seen it grow to having 55 meat processing and distribution centers across 16 different countries and still continuing to this day. Lavin certainly has always been an ambitious businessman, but he’s also very personable and is available to listen when managers or employees have something to say. Lavin has invested a lot in both the company and in making life better for its people.

Sheldon Lavin actually originally had no plans to even enter the meat industry because his vocational training and early career revolved around investment banking and finance. He assumed once he had started his own financial consulting company that that was where he would be until retirement, but it was while he was here that he was asked to offer advice for Otto & Sons, the original name of OSI Industries. The owners of this company wanted to hear from Lavin how they could raise the capital needed to grow it and match what their partner, the McDonald’s franchise wanted. Lavin did such a good job that he was asked to become CEO and go into it full-time. He didn’t want the position initially because he was only interested in financial consulting, but after seeing an opportunity to build something special at Otto & Sons, he accepted the offer and soon took over ownership.

Sheldon Lavin’s time as CEO and Chairman of OSI Group has seen not only growth, but also an increase in employment opportunities for some companies that were struggling. Lavin led the acquisitions of Flagship Europe in the UK and Baho Food in The Netherlands when they were on the verge of closing, and he had them keep their original names and continued product lines while also adding OSI’s services. He also helped buy a Tyson Food plant in south Chicago that also was about to close and made sure to offer all current employees there a chance to retain their jobs. Lavin believes in investing in his community as well and has served as a trustee for Rush University Medical Center, and he also supports the Jewish United Fund.

Sheldon Lavin’s Linkedin page is https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheldon-lavin-a325b98

Jorge Neval Moll Filhois, a resident of Brazil who came up with the health diagnostics in the year 1977. He is also a cardiologist and studied at the Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro where he got his master’s in public health. He changed his lab into Brazil’s largest chain of private hospitals. He then sold his labs D’Ór subsidiary to the publicly traded Fleury during the year of 2010 for $750 million. He took over the ownership of the Sao Luiz in Sao Paulo, a different hospital group, under a contract sponsored by his fellow billionaire Estevez Andre’s BTG Pactual Bank, via the alterable debentures in the same year.

Most of Jorge’s revenue comes from his stake in the Rede D’Or, this hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro and is the largest network of private hospitals in Brazil, based on the data on the firm’s website. Rede D’Or recorded an annual fortune of $1.7 billion based on the firm’s last year’s annual report. It contains 35 hospitals and over five thousand beds. Moll owns 59 percent of the Rede D’Or. Read more about Jorge Moll at crunchbase.com.

Rede D’Or hospitals are valued by use of the common piece-to-earnings combination of three publicly traded nobles: Gennoma Lab Internacional, Instituto de Diagnostico, and the Healthscope. A ten percent rate is applied since GIC, the Singapore sovereign wealth fund, gave close to $626 million for the 11.7 percent stake in the organization during December 2015, valuing it more significant than its competitors.

Read: http://idor.org.br/midia/dr-jorge-moll-fala-sobre-emocoes

This valuation credits Jorge Moll with the investment in proceeds from the sale of the Rede D’Or’s laboratory entity Cardiolabs to Fleury at the cost of $720 million in the year 2011. The value of Jorge’s money investment is according to the analysis of taxes, dividends, sales and market performance. The Rede D’Or receives over 2 million people in the emergency rooms in just one year. The team is also equipped with 30 oncology clinics.

Jorge Moll did retire from his Chief Executive Officer position and crowned the chair of the board in the year 2014. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.