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Don Ressler’s Satisfaction with Fabletics Active Wear

Don Ressler’s Satisfaction with Fabletics Active Wear

When women are shopping for athletic wear, they have two choices to make, either fashion or affordability. This is because the fashionable athletic wear in the market are too costly and either they cannot afford or are not willing to spend that much. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler noticed the high demand for activewear throughout 2010 and realized that the demands would not decline anytime soon.

This is when they decided to co-found Fabletics with the main goal of providing women with affordable and fashionable active wear. Don and Adam came up with a revolutionary vision for the activewear for women. The two did not focus on the market trends but instead, on the women’s demands. They used focus groups and consumer tests to identify the main problems that women faced, and they soon realized that the challenges were similar for different women. The clothes available were ill-fitting, garish, and expensive. The quality of the clothes was also a questionable factor. What this meant is that, to get a right outfit, women had to part with a lot of money.

Don Ressler worked with Kate Hudson to rescue the situation. Kate Hudson who is an actress is confident and friendly, and she helped to build the company brand. Serving as the spokeswoman for the firm, she was able to create a relationship with the consumers and connected Fabletics to many people because she is a media personality and has excellent communication skills. Kate Hudson focused on ways of improving the online presence of Fabletics.

It is not easy to make sportswear that is both fashionable and functional, and not many manufacturers were willing to go through the trouble. Don Ressler remained focused and determined to break this barrier. Together with his team, he was able to improve the activewear for women and made it more trendy and affordable without compromising the quality.

Fabletics stands out from other fashion players in the market since it has a strong grassroots appeal. With the help of Kate Hudson’s charisma, they successfully marketed the firm online, letting go of the traditional retail store system. Apart from online marketing, they also developed an online discount pricing system. Customers are given a chance to sign up as Fabletics VIP and in return purchase products at a discount, earn points, and get free shipping services. Don Ressler is happy with the results of his hard work and for coming up with a company that does not exploit women but instead meets all their needs.