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David Giertz Explains How To Flip The Switch From Saving To Spending Once In Retirement

David Giertz Explains How To Flip The Switch From Saving To Spending Once In Retirement

One of the ironies of retirement is that the people who have diligently saved the most amount of money for it are generally the ones who are most reluctant to spend what they have saved. David Giertz, a registered investment advisor, says that he often comes across people who have a really hard time transitioning from carefully saving their money to actually using that money in retirement to pay for bills and enjoy their lives.

David Giertz offers his advice which is that you should enjoy your retirement and you can do so responsibly when talking about your finances. Create a budget that is sustainable and live on the money that you had earmarked for spending once you stopped working. He recognizes that flipping that switch from saving to spending is a hard one but he says that was the entire purpose of saving and investing the money to begin with. He says that retired people who saved over the course of their careers have more than earned the right to have entertainment and joy in their lives and they shouldn’t let their fear of spending money get in the way. As long as you’re responsible about the spending it’s ok, he says.

David Giertz has spent his entire career in the financial industry, helping people save for retirement as well as the other financial goals they may have. He also has developed and offered insurance products in case things go wrong such as life insurance. Additionally, he has advised clients on how annuities can fit their individualized needs.

As an executive in the financial industry, David Giertz most recently was a president at Nationwide Financial. He led this company’s sales and distribution division and under his leadership he grew that divisions value from $11 billion to almost $18 billion.