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Up-Close With Drew Madden: Evergreen Healthcare Partners’ Innovative CEO

Up-Close With Drew Madden: Evergreen Healthcare Partners’ Innovative CEO

Drew Madden recently grabbed the headlines by launching Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Mr. Madden, who previously served as Nordic President, deemed it necessary to form the healthcare IT Company that precisely focuses on advisory services, implementation, and specialization of HCIT applications. As a seasoned Healthcare IT entrepreneur, Madden possesses that unique ability to identify and build a high caliber workforce that focuses on forging trusted client partnerships and an attractive culture.

Before founding Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Madden was widely known for serving as an effective president for Nordic Consulting Partners. While at the helm, Madden is credited with developing Nordic into a leading Epic consulting entity specializing in a diverse range of services such as consultancy and implementation services. During his five-year tenure as President, Madden is credited with growing Nordic into a continental entity with over $130 million in annual revenues. More importantly, he also played a significant role raising the labor force from 10 to 725 workers while also building up the client partner list to 150.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners in Brief

Evergreen Healthcare Partners is widely considered to be a leading healthcare IT expert to their customers countrywide. In essence, the first step initially begins with developing an idea that matters to make a difference to the people around you. According to reliable information, the company’s decades of experience have enabled it to identify the right opportunities based on skill sets, goals, and preferences essential in creating a formidable partnership.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners’ Company Mission

Evergreen Healthcare Partners strives to offer implementation and advisory services courtesy of its groundbreaking technology and multiple HER platforms. In a nutshell, the company’s goal lies in empowering team members to progress in their careers while also partnering with different healthcare organizations.

Drew Madden’s Profile

With over a decade worth of experience and knowledge, Drew Madden has become adept at advising, managing, optimizing, and implementing EMR projects. His unique ability to combine his experience and technical EMR background is second to none. Drew Madden is an alumnus of Iowa College of Engineering with a BSE in Industrial Engineering and a keen focus on Medical Systems.