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Greg Secker Inspires Many With His Multifaceted Career

Greg Secker Inspires Many With His Multifaceted Career

Greg Secker has a unique philosophy of life that suits his personality well and it can be summed up with the phrase “why not”. That’s his typical response when setting out with a new endeavor in mind. A good example of this is his Flying Trader initiative that draws attention to a charity that he supports and it illustrates his precept that you can make money anywhere. What a creative way to draw attention to a worthy cause and it shows his derring-do in a fun way.

The fact that Greg Secker wears many hats such as a master trader, philanthropist and international speaker speaks volumes regarding the fact that he’s making a serious effort to have a positive impact on the world. He’s also proof that keeping an open mind can pay great dividends such as when he changed course and didn’t pursue a career in his chosen field of study which was Agriculture and Food Sciences.

A chance encounter at a job fair led to a position with Thomas Cook Financial Services and he helped build a Virtual Trading Desk which became the first online trading platform for currencies. This allowed him to learn the strategies that top currency traders employed and this led to his own successful career trading foreign exchange. After Secker made a substantial amount of money in the markets, he retired for a short time and found the easy life wasn’t for him.

A new career as a seminar speaker was next for Greg Secker and he was inspired by some of the top speakers of the day. People like Tony Robbins, Dr. John Demartini, and Jack Canfield inspired him to develop a seminar that would inspire currency traders and help others achieve financial independence. What a wonderful way to give back and help others realize their potential.

The Greg Secker Foundation is another way that he stays engaged with the world and its focus is philanthropy. Its original goal was to empower young people by helping them get off to a good start in life. It gave them guidance on many important life issues such as health, wealth, relationships, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Perhaps Secker’s biggest contribution to improving the lives of others is his world-class trading education that he provides with his company Learn To Trade. He has literally helped thousands upon thousands of people learn how to successfully trade the currency markets and it’s another way that he pays it forward.