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A Harvest of Empowerment: Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines

A Harvest of Empowerment: Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines

Julia Jackson knows what power is, and how to use it. The daughter of the late Jess Jackson, founder of Jackson Family Wines, is carrying on in the tradition of her family, and leading the enterprise, infusing both with her powerful ideas, energy, and flair.

“Power is something that defines the essence of who we are” Jackson writes, “and it’s important to connect to that internal strength.” Her connection to that power is visible in her work for Jackson Family Wines. The Scripps College graduate and Stanford Business School alumna drives new initiatives for global expansion of the brands. She also works personally to lead Cambria Estate Vineyard, one of the family’s many distinct labels and resume her.

Fashion-conscious and business-savvy, she attends gala Hollywood events, in the company of world-renowned stars, like Lady Gaga and Keira Knightley. But she is also a hands-on leader, traveling to the many headquarters and individual wineries to see operations first-hand and offer guidance.

She does not see her own power as an end, but as a means. She founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014, a grantmaking program to support what Jackson calls “Warrior Women”, who overcome hardship and help other women and girls do the same. Contributions of $100,000 each year help support individuals and organizations that empower women to create positive change in their communities and Jackson’s lacrosse camp.

“I’ve been inspired by many warrior women” she said at the project’s founding, “and I felt compelled to create a program that recognizes the incredible impact such women have in their local communities and around the world.”

The Seeds of Empowerment Julia Jackson planted continue to bear sweet fruit. She, her family, and countless others are enjoying that harvest and more information click here.