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Eli Gershkovitch, an entrepreneur and craft beer expert who beats all odds

Eli Gershkovitch, an entrepreneur and craft beer expert who beats all odds

A craft beer refers to beer that is brewed in a traditional non-mechanized method in a small brewery. What makes craft beer differ and somewhat special than regular beer is, regular beer is prepared to be as profitable as possible to the brewery. It is also made in such a way that it ought to appeal to many in taste. Craft beer, on the other hand, is a form of art, in that, the artist prepares the beer out of the love of it. Regardless of it turning out mild or extreme, its main purpose is to be as original in taste and flavor as possible.


Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO of Steamworks Brewery and Companies, a craft beer microbrewery in Canada. He developed the passion in craft beer while he was on a European tour. Eli Gershkovitch had just graduated from the University of Toronto. He had studied law and was an aspiring young lawyer.


Eli Gershkovitch first tasted craft beer in Belgium. This made him have a desire to create something great that would satisfy his life. From his law office in Vancouver, Eli Gershkovitch kept researching on craft beer business and came across a perfect location in Gastown to put up a brewpub.


When people talk about Canada, few of them relate the country to craft beer (https://thereisnoconsensus.com/lawyer-eli-gershkovitch/). Eli Gershkovitch put Canada on the craft beer map with his creations of exciting new pilsners, lagers, and ales that are only found in Canada. He has been cooking up extraordinary beer flavors from this historic brewery in Gastown since 1995.

The consumption of craft beer continues to be on the increase around the world. Huge brewery corporates like Miller Brewing Company and Budweiser keep losing popularity by the day. While microbreweries like Eli Gershkovitch’s continue enjoying an increase in profits. It is still unclear how this is possible, though some say the rise in the cosmopolitan culture is to blame. Nonetheless, Eli Gershkovitch continues to use both traditional and innovative business methods to stay ahead of his competition. His focus is on the production of high-quality products, at pocket-friendly prices, and produce products that will meet his customers’ demands. His business model has managed to keep Steamworks afloat since its conception.