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Eric Pulier’s Epic Rise to Tech Prominence

Eric Pulier’s Epic Rise to Tech Prominence

Eric Pulier is one of the rare breeds of technologists who has continued to get better and more innovative with age. Pulier is a communications focused entrepreneur who has done great work establishing some very important companies out in Los Angeles. Pulier has come a long way over the years from an upstart in LA to one of the most important entrepreneurs in the city. Let’s look over what work he has done in the tech field as well as his techniques for making it all happen.

So, to really get an appreciation for Eric Pulier and the work he has done you need to appreciate just how passionate he has been about technology. Pulier lived in New Jersey as a child, where he was raised, and it was there that he fell into a true and lifelong love of computers and technology. Pulier spent his formative years working on and around computers, learning to program computers while he was still a kid. Pulier would go on to start his first company while still attending high school, it was a computer database company.

Pulier wouldn’t let his love of technology turn into a childhood distraction. Instead, he began early on to start taking steps toward making his passion his lifelong career. Pulier would leave New Jersey so that he could pursue his higher education at Harvard — one of the most prestigious schools in the nation. At Harvard Pulier would focus his time on running the school paper, the Harvard Crimson, while making connections and impressions that he would carry with him to Los Angeles. During this time Pulier would make a real name for himself.

After graduating from Harvard, Magna Cum Laude we might add, Pulier would know that it was time to head to Los Angeles. Back in the early ’90s you had to be in Los Angeles in order to make any sort of impact on the world of technology. Pulier also wanted to do work that would make a positive impact on the world. This led him to create his first company, People Doing Things. People Doing Things, or PDT for short, was a company focused on bringing solutions to the healthcare and educational industry with a particular focus on those struggling with poverty. Now, Pulier is more than two decades into his work and he is continuing to find new innovations every single day at work.

Eric Pulier info: http://inspirery.com/eric-pulier/