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Tips for choosing the Best Cardiologist in New York

Tips for choosing the Best Cardiologist in New York

The task of looking for the right cardiologist after a bad experience, especially without the help of an internist or general practitioner can be quite disheartening. Even with a referral from a doctor, coworker, close friend, or family member about the best cardiologist in New York, you need to conduct some background research. Here are simple tips to guide you in your research:


The reputation for cardiac care is the benchmark for cardiologists. Dr. Edward Honig is one of the outstanding cardiologists who has been practicing for 66 years and is currently an internal doctor at Glen Cove Hospital in New York. Hospital rating services such as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services can be helpful in giving you a list of directions of credible Hospitals such as 101 Saint Andrews Ln Glen Cove, NY 11542, where Dr. Honig works, among other statistics on cardiac care.


Besides the standard medical qualifications, cardiologists are professionals with other certification in subspecialties such as nuclear cardiology and interventional cardiology. Check with the New York medical board, the cardiologist’s website, or other online directories for various sub-specialties in light of your condition. There are various online directories and databases that list Dr. Edward Honig’s medical school, training hospital, certifications, and specialties.


If you’re looking for a specific level of technology, then the years of experience the cardiologist has in the field is very critical. Ensure that you ask the doctor how many times he has performed a surgery similar to your condition. For instance, a 2005 study showed that doctors who had implanted over 29 defibrillators have a lower percentage of causing complications on their patients within three months after the surgery as compared to their counterparts who had conducted less than 10 implants.


Women are slightly different when it comes to their response to risk factors like high blood pressure, and thus their heart diseases and heart attack symptoms tend to manifest differently. Hence, it’s prudent to ask your cardiologist about his or her experience in handling women’s health and when it happened, especially if you’re a woman. The emerging field of cardiology is experiencing rapid transformation and most hospitals have set aside special clinics devoted to women’s heart health.

Remember, the heart is so fickle, and hence good rapport from an experienced cardiologist like Dr. Honig is as nearly as vital as credentials. When you first meet him, you’ll realize that he has a willingness to answer questions and the skills to adequately deliver the right answers in easy-to-understand manner.


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