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Mighty Fortress Church, A Safe Haven Of Worship In Minnesota

Mighty Fortress Church, A Safe Haven Of Worship In Minnesota

Minnesota has a deep religious and cultural history. The state has thousands of church with a diverse range of architecture from historic and old churches built in the 19th century to simple and modern churches.
One of the most spectacular churches in Minnesota is the Cathedral of St. Paul. It was built in the 1900s on top of Summit Hill. It currently overlooks downtown St. Paul. The church is quite big as it the third largest house of worship in the US. The church itself was modeled after Parisian churches. The interior has features that have Classical and French Renaissance themes. The highlight of the church is the dome at its center, which is 186 feet high.
Another beautiful church in Minnesota is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New Ulm. Like the town of New Ulm, the church is beautiful and designed in an architectural style similar to that of the Baroque era. The church’s roof uses white trimmed bricks and has a clock tower on tops of the central steeple. The interior of the Cathedral is just as beautiful as the exterior. All columns in the nave have gold trims and the apse intricate paintings of Christ, his 12 apostles and seraphs. The church was built in 1896 and there is a local campaign to have it recognized as historic place on the National Register of Historic Places.
Mighty Fortress International is a church located in Minnesota based around Minneapolis. The church offers a safe space where individuals can explore their belief in God and reaffirm their Christianity. The church aims to build lasting relationships with its congregation through practical bible teaching. This dynamic and multidimensional ministry offers worshippers in Minnesota messages applicable to modern day living and the chance to participate in an authentic worship service.
Bishop TR Williams is the Senior Pastor and overseer of Might Fortress church. Together with his wife Sabrina R. Williams they help lead the flock at Mighty Fortress Church. Bishop Williams is an experienced clergy man with over 30 years of experience in performing ministerial duties. He welcomes all individuals to his church regardless of their race or culture.
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