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Dr. Chris Villanueva: Revolutionizing Dental Services and Operations

Dr. Chris Villanueva: Revolutionizing Dental Services and Operations

Dr. Chris Villanueva, a leading dentist and entrepreneur, is known for revolutionizing the dental services and its various operations. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental, a leading dental practice development and management firm, based in Texas. Interestingly, by working as practitioner and management expert for decades, Dr. Villanueva identified the potential challenges faced by various dental hospitals and clinics across the country. This has helped him to design and offer innovative and customized solutions to different dental practitioners through his MB2 Dental. Earlier, Dr. Villanueva identified that most of the dental practitioners are not convenient with the management and administrative areas of a dental clinic, and that affects the efficient services to the patients. This was where MB2 Dental was born.

His insights and deep knowledge of the industry helped the servicing firm to identify the potential opportunities in the sector to utilize it. While maintaining the highest quality and servicing standards, Dr. Villanueva is still looking for improvisations that can be implemented on the network to make it more effective and meaningful. The service provider consistently expanded its business, and today, it has at least 70 affiliated locations across six states in the country: Texas, Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Tennessee. It also has more than 530 employees to ensure to efficient services to its clients.

Dr. Villanueva says that he is excited with the evolution of technology, especially in the dental services industry. He looks for each technology products being introduced year after year and searches for ways to leverage from it. Interestingly, Dr. Villanueva was particular to give a unique aspect to MB2 Dental since he founded the firm in 2007. The service provider focuses on delivering personal growth, support, and autonomy to various individual practitioners and clinics. It also has a particular focus on bringing the latest improvements in practice to enable the hospitals to offer the best patient service.

As a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Villanueva advises young entrepreneurs to give some time for self-reflection. He also adds that being creative and working towards the goal without resting are another two factors that can yield success in ventures. Dr. Villanueva learned that his business should be built on people and not compared to the advantages of other industries. Before starting his career as a dental practitioner, he completed his graduation in Microbiology from the University of Florida and secured his DMD in Dentistry from Nova Southeastern University.