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Highland Capital Management Leads Credit Market with Diversification and Experience

Highland Capital Management Leads Credit Market with Diversification and Experience

There are many different ways to build a portfolio so that it reflects the right amount of growth potential that investors look for. Few investment firms know how to create that growth better than Highland Capital Management which is the largest investment firm in the country.

Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 by Mark Okado and James Dondero, both of whom are investment strategist with over 60 years of experience between the both of them. The firm specializes in hedge funds, distressed credit, private equity investments and collateralized loan obligations (CLO). Over the years, Highland Capital Management has increased its investment strategy to include emerging markets as well as long and short term equities. With a diverse client base, Highland Capital Management services the investment needs of corporations, public pension plans, foundations, and endowments, in addition to offering individualized services for high net-worth investors.

With over $18 billion in managing assets, Highland Capital Management has built the best platform for investors, while maintaining its core principle of staying away from market trends, but instead focusing on investment expertise to bring clients the best they have to offer. Highland Capital Management is one of the few remaining independent investment firms and periodically co-invests with clients, adding to the firm’s value and stellar reputation.

In October 2016, Mark Okado received a great honor of being invited to ring the Closing Bell at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York. The honor came at a time when Highland Capital Management was celebrating the Highland iBoxx Senior Loan EFT. Since its inception, the leveraged loan quarterly index has averaged 2.92 percent and currently has $541 million in total net assets. Senior bank loans offer a higher yield potential since investors are typically compensated prior to other creditors and equity obligations. The Highland iBoxx Senior Loan EFT is managed exclusively by Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors rather than the investment firm.

Highland Capital Management is very involved within the community through charities and donations within Dallas, Texas. In November 2016, Highland Capital Management partnered with The Dallas Foundation; a major contributor for charitable causes that has served the community since 1929.