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Mexican and Japanese Fusion in Omar Yunes

Mexican and Japanese Fusion in Omar Yunes

Best Franchise of the world award should never be taken lightly. Omar Yunes and his company Sushi Itto might not be names people new. That has now changed, and more recognition is on the way.


This event where different franchises from all over the world come together in a selection first on the national level. Then the best ones move to the international arena to compete.


This competition is important to showcase great teams, good leaders, and innovation in the hospitality and catering. Franchises can learn from one another and create new ideas.


Japanese in Mexico


Omar Yunes employs more than 400 people over his 13 restaurants and doesn’t plan on stopping there.


He won the national competition and is now recognized by the world award. There is a simple reason for this. He is not afraid of risks and innovation. His attitude took franchising to franchisee relationships to a new level. It is now about smarter management, talent pool, and control boards. It also means offering his employees high but clear standards and how to measure success.


The company values customer service and recognizes Omar Yunes’ initiative. Japanese food has carved itself a niche in Mexico, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. It is a big part of the food culture in modern day Mexico. Quality and customer service statistics are on the rise as well, making the market more competitive than ever.


Not Afraid to Take Risks


Omar Yunes is a Mexican born and raised investor who is not afraid to be aggressive in the marketing of his franchise. He is aware of the steps necessary to succeed. He started the business at 21 when he bought his first franchise of a Japanese chain. The investor is now the proud owner of thirteen units in the same franchise in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. It is an important number for a brand which does not have many restaurants at all.


He never stops learning, and this is one of the reasons his leadership style is recognized by both – employees and the CEO of Sushi Itto. Young leaders aspire to follow his example when opening their franchises.