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How Cassio Audi Music Career Blossomed

How Cassio Audi Music Career Blossomed

Cassio Audi one of the most trusted finance professionals in Brazil. He is respected for his services to multi-billion organizations, private equity funds, public and private businesses, as well as start-ups. Audi is competent in different fields, and they include business planning, resource and financial control, investor relations, and fundraising. He has been striving to ensure that his clients have the best financial guidance that can enable them to be successful.

Besides being an excellent finance specialist, Audi is a talented musician. He was one of the members of the Viper Band, which is a Brazilian group that was recognized for its excellent heavy metal music in the 1980s. He joined Viper in the mid-1980s and acted as its drummer until 1989. Cassio left his career as a musician because he wanted to focus on the finance industry. During his time as a drummer, he was part of making Soldier of Sunrise, which became the band’s most popular album. He wrote one song for the album. Audi is greatly celebrated by heavy metal lovers across Latin America for his outstanding drumming skills. He is also among the people who introduced and popularized the genre in the region. Cassio spent nine years at the heavy metal band.

Audi made significant contributions towards that growth of the Viper group. He was part of the team from when it was making its first demo to the time it recorded its first two albums. Soldier of Sunrise was the last album that Cassio was featured in, but he quit his music career before it was launched. He believes that a British group, that is known as Iron Maiden inspired him to become a heavy metal drummer. Most of the genre’s fans in Latin America loved Viper’s songs, and they topped the charts for years.