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Cancer Treatment Centers of America made a significant stride

Cancer Treatment Centers of America made a significant stride

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America® has partnered with the leading technology company in health sector Allscripts and NanHealth (an evidence based health treatment systems offering customized solution) to offer a custom technological solution that enables eveti® to access all clinical data stored in Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Record (EHR).

EHR is maintained by Allscripts, and the Clinical Pathways program (eveti®) is a support system for various clinical decisions.

With this system in place, there will be no interruption of clinical processes during treatment of cancer.

The Managing Director and CEO at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, George Danaker Jr, mentioned that the program would eliminate guesswork during clinical procedures by using updated information sourced through oncology research, peer-reviewed treatment regimens, and other governmental agencies.

The program contains integration eviti solution with Allscripts Sunrise EHR to enable Clinical Pathways to retrieve up-to-date research data on cancer enabling physicians to access unbiased data from Medical Library that covers all types and subtypes of cancers and their appropriate treatments.

When fully operational, Clinical Pathways program does the following;
Provision of personalized treatment for every patient by their health state and type of disease

Computerized ordering system by just tapping on the screen, making it efficient and safe for use by the patient

Can compare available treatment options

Real-time functionality

Map every treatment solution recommended by event with the EHR data base to source correct order sets from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to offer a safe approach to clinical operations.

Updated data that supports clinical procedures

The technology is a game changer in the field of cancer treatment and allows smooth flow of information.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals based in Boca Raton, Florida that offers cancer treatments all over the United States. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses approaches such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, and surgery to fight cancer and managing its side effects through therapies.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson immediately after the death of his mother, who had cancer. And opened its first hospital at Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois that year.