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NUodb Technology

NUodb Technology

Nuodb is simply a database management system for moving files in the cloud. It is important to note that it is SQL oriented. Nuodb can be named a New SQL includes features for supporting scale-out processes in environments of cloud-computing. It was marketed and developed by the software vendor NuoDB Inc, titled originally in 2008 as Numbus D.B. The original designer of this company was Jim Starkey. He was a database industry veteran who was responsible for two early database programs. BLOBs and MVCC.

There are different features Nuodb includes There is a layered feature which means that NuoDB works without the close coupling of disk drive data and an app. Nuodb splits elements of data into small software objects known as “atoms”. The database is formed over a design to support SQL cloud-based elasticity to ensure that all the objects of data are safe. Also, the atoms support (MVCC) to resolve computer conflicts and detects deadlocks of data. Finally, it allows for communication for far away locations.


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