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Cassio Audio is a Legendary Music Group Drummer

Cassio Audio is a Legendary Music Group Drummer

In the early 80’s, music was considered as food to the soul. Music was highly valued, and the singers were equally treated depending on the music genre. This is the reason why most people still adore music sung in the 80’s and the 90’s. During this time, Brazilian metal band ‘Viper’ was very famous for its pop and rock songs. The group was founded by five talented individuals that included Andre, Pit, Yves, Felipe and Cassio Audi. Cassio Audi was the most notable member of the group due to his talent and skills as a band drummer.

Cassio Audi also played other key roles including the management of the group finance to help the band thrive. Nevertheless, his expertise with the drum was exceptional. The music group released their first demo album called ‘The Killer Sword’ in the early 80’s. The motivation to produce the album was inspired by Iron Maiden band and the rise of British heavy metal music. It first original album was called ‘Soldier of Sunrise,’ and it sold millions of copies across the globe. Their second album was also a huge success in Brazil, and it had great lyrics with a classical touch.

Through Cassio Audi tenacity and commitment, the band was able to enjoy massive airplay and travel around the world with their electric performance. They toured Europe and America and the fact that they could sing in English, which was their second language, amused most rock bands outside Brazil. Cassio Audi is also a talented music composer and an astute lyricist, and he greatly assisted the group to compose one of their successful albums, ‘Theater of Fate.’ Cassio Audi left the group in 1989 for greener pastures. However, he remains as a legend in the heart of Brazilian rock music fanatics due to his remarkable talents. People close to him also know him as a critical thinker, a team leader, and a strategist.