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ClassDojo Makes Classroom Communication Easier

ClassDojo Makes Classroom Communication Easier

ClassDojo is an educational communication app that promotes interaction between parents, teachers, and students. It is an excellent way for parents to stay updated on their child’s performance in social activities, academia, and conduct throughout the day. It has been an amazing tool for building and strengthen the relationships between parents, teachers, and the students. The app uses a point based reward system where the students can earn different points based on which behavior that earn that day. The teacher can easily click and assign behaviors on the go. The students enjoy using the fun platform and they like to option to customize their avatar so they can compare it to their classmates.

ClassDojo is also a great tool for teachers to save time. Since teachers are always busy and juggling a large workload, ClassDojo is a great way for them to record behaviors in a simple and easy way. Since it is available on tablets, smartphones, and computers, it is convenient to use and the behavior can be assigned even while the class is moving through the hallway. It also proves to be a useful data sharing tool between the parents and teachers. The teacher simply fills out behaviors and activities throughout the day, and ClassDojo compiles that into a report which is sent to the parents every week.

This promotes more involvement from the parents, which in turn makes the students more encourages to perform and success in school. It is a great tool for both the students and teacher to stay organized and allows the student to see for themselves the thing they are doing well and the thing that they could improve on. ClassDojo also has instant messaging feature in which the parents and teachers can use to quickly communicate with each other. There are also Class Stories, which consists of pictures and videos, so the parents get to watch their student learning.