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Thor Halvorssen Sets Up His Foundation

Thor Halvorssen Sets Up His Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is someone who is very passionate about human rights. He is willing to lay down his whole life for people to experience a fair and humane life. He has started a foundation called the Human Rights Foundation. This is where he gets a lot of information on the different violations to human rights that are being carried out in various countries. Among the countries that he is standing against is North Korea, which has been revealed to be a tyrannical government that is filled with people who are malnourished. It is run by the Kim Dynasty which has led the people they rule over to believe that they are divine entities.

Thor is quickly establishing himself as the new face of human rights activism.He is fighting real hard to do away with different stereotypes. Unlike the reputation of human rights activists, Thor Halvorssen does not have a sour demeanor. He is also not someone who would hate people. He places emphasis on the fact that he loves people. He is also highly energetic when it comes to running a campaign for human rights. Thor stands out from among other human rights activists.

Another image that Thor challenges is that of someone who just sits around and talks about violations. Thor is not someone who just stands outside of the acts of human rights violations, he actually gets involved in the fight for human rights. He also has a personal experience with human rights violations when his family was handled by the government of his home. Thor goes beyond a theoretical knowledge of human rights. He is someone that has actually experienced a taste of what people in tyrannical countries have to deal with every day of their lives in order to survive. Thor works overtime in order to come to a solution that will bring freedom to the oppressed. Click here to watch video.