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As a very visionary person, Boraie is the brain behind Boraie Development LLC, which is one of the major players when it comes to real estate development in New Jersey. He has been in the real-estate industry for the last four decades. New Brunswick has an outstanding potential and Boraie has been a key figure in helping the city realize this potential. The Aspire Centre is Boraie’s recent investment in the city, and this has always been his dream for many years. As a scholar travelling in Europe, Boraie was inspired by the amazing designs in Europe, and it has always been his desire to develop similar designs in New Brunswick.

Upon returning home from his studies, Sam Boraie embarked on mission to rebuild the city with an aim of changing its terrible state. He wanted to improve the city’s appearance, and do away with all the buildings that were almost crumbling. According to one of the blogs published through Central Jersey Working Moms, titled The Visions of Omar Boraie, he immediately began to buy the twenty one buildings that were in a single block. Most people thought that Boraie was insane, but he was only focused on his vision of transforming the city. After he had finished rebuilding the first two buildings, some of the city’s resident’s began to believe in his vision.

About Boraie Development

According to Rutgers, Boraie Development is a real estate development firm whose main focus is the urban real estate market. Some of the key services that the company offers include; Property Sales and Marketing, Property Management, and Real Estate Development. As mentioned earlier, the Aspire project is considered to be Boraie’s flagship project under Boraie Development LLC. The company’s mission is to offer its clients unparalleled service, and at the same time design and build spectacular properties that meet global standards.

The success of the company’s projects is attributed to; working with visionary architects and contractors that observe and understand the importance of meeting deadlines, and strong support from one of the leading financial institutions in the area. All the projects completed by Boraie Development reflect the company’s vision and reliability. The company has a very impressive track record that it has managed to build for the last four decades, and that is why it is the most sought after firm in Central Jersey Working Moms when it comes to the real estate development. The firm’s projects are funded by large commercial banks and other private capital sources.

Talos Energy is a household name in the global oil and gas exploration industry. In the year 2013, the company attained a significant feat by acquiring Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. This development came amidst the groundbreaking news that ERT had successfully finished its Wang exploration that discovered more than 100 feet of oil in Phoenix.

Talos Energy’s primary operations are based in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. In this region, the company focuses on asset acquisition, exploration, and exploitation. Recently, Talos Energy in a joint venture with two other oil and gas companies began drilling the first offshore well done by an entity that is not run by the state. The exploration and exploitation of oil on the Suretse basin by Talos, a foreign, private entity comes is as a result of the Mexican government liberalizing the nation’s oil and gas sector.

The prospects from the well that is called Zama-1 are economically viable given that the well approximately holds between 100 million and 500 million barrels of oil. The operations at Zama are carried out by Talos Energy with a stake of 35% in the venture, alongside two other partners namely Sierra Oil and Premier Oil Plc from London. The two firms hold a 40 percent and 25 percent stake respectively in the venture. Analysts have already weighed in on the economic potential of the Suretse Basin on which Zama well has been drilled. Elaine Reynolds an analyst who works with Edison Investments Research Ltd., a London-based research firm, paints a bright picture of what oil exploration in the Basin would be. From the data that is available, Reynolds is convinced that the project has a very high success rate.

New reforms that are sweeping through the oil and gas sector in Mexico are expected to attract new players to an otherwise ailing industry. With the liberalization of the market, more foreign players are expected to open up shop on the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Charlie Sharp, a professional in the oil sector who works with Canaccord Genuity Ltd, is positive that Zama well will have an impact in the Mexican oil market.

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Paul Mampilly holds the position of senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing where he assists Main Street Americans to acquire finances through various means. Some of them include growth investing, small-cap stocks, technology, and exceptional opportunities.

During his interview at Ideamensch, he states that the idea for the startup came from realizing that Wall Street did not offer help to enough people. Paul says that people require help with investments and after discovering the business entailing newsletter publishing, it has allowed him to utilize his skills so as to reach out to a wide range of people.

What Paul Mampilly loves most about his job is that the research obtained is available to Americans at an affordable prize. Paul says that was not the case on Wall Street as they only worked with the super elite. His typical day begins at five or six in the morning where he wakes up to analyze all the news covering different markets. He then looks through news concerning specific companies and narrows down to his surrounding stocks.

Mr. Mampilly claims that he brings his ideas to life through sparing enough time for research alongside his team. He reveals that two trends excite him in the world today, one of them being the Internet of Things initiative as it is going to modify the course of a high number of industries such as food, marine, healthcare, energy, automotive, banking, manufacturing, and energy. He also believes that productivity results from following similar routines on a daily basis.

As an American investor, Paul Mampilly, is a winner of the Templeton Foundation competition and also a former hedge finance manager. He is also the founder of the profits unlimited newsletter, where he guides over 60,000 subscribers on stock matters. In 1991, he began his career at Deutsche Bank as a research assistant. Later, he managed money for various institutions such as a Sears, Bank of Scotland, and a Swiss bank that was private.

When he began writing Profits Unlimited, he had one purpose in his mind. This was to identify the stocks that are beneficial to the Americans. With his advice and recommendations, many people have testified on how they have made gains of large amounts of money. Mr. Mampilly is also a manager of True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes which are high-class trading services.

An international coalition of oil drilling companies has come together to embark on an offshore venture in the Gulf of Mexico waters estimated to yield upwards of 500 million barrels of crude oil. Premier Oil PLC (United Kingdom), Talos Energy LLC (USA), and Sierra Oil & Gas (Mexico) are forging a new alliance with Mexico with the Zama-1 offshore exploration well located in the Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco. It is the first offshore exploration team consisting of private foreign competitor investors since 1938.

According to a statement issued by Premier Oil PLC, “Mexico opened their industry to private investment in 2015. Subsequently, the trio won a “first round bid for prospecting rights, with the largest share of interest in the project at 40% held by Sierra Oil & Gas, 35% by Talos Energy LLC, and the remaining 25% by Premier Oil PLC.” Talos Energy LLC is also spearheading well operations.

Talos Energy LLC (Talos) is an independent oil and gas company with decades of experience in offshore exploration and production. Their team of experts are well-versed with the idiosyncrasies of operated shelf and developed deepwater asset acquisitions in the Gulf of Mexico. The utilization of proven “innovative techniques and the latest seismic technologies” to optimize the potentiality of those assets. From the inception of Talos in 2012 has lived up to its reputation as “a world-class company with a strong commitment to safe, environmentally compliant operator.” This has been key to their expansive growth and success.

Talos Energy LLC formed a trifold partnership with Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings for asset acquisitions in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico regions. The business development activities of Talos Energy LLC include joint ventures and farm-in agreements to utilize their seismic inventory to optimize the economics of a transaction. Talos reputation of enhancing mature fields and developing valuable investment opportunities is evidenced by their Phoenix and Gryphon Explorations, two private equity backed companies. Each produced significant investment gains for their investors due to the expertise, innovations, and partnerships of Talos Energy LLC.

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Give your puppy a healthy start with the benefits of the Beneful brand that is trusted worldwide for their all-natural ingredients. Your new puppy is growing and their fine line of pet products is guaranteed to grow with your pet. Customers have the option of choosing wet or dry dog food. Their pet food products are great for pets of all anticipated sizes. You never have to worry about what you’re feeding your pet because their brand is completely organic. You can find additional ways to save by visiting the exclusive website for coupons that give you up to 20% in savings. Click here to know more.

Furthermore, Beneful provides all natural ingredients like beef, chicken, rice, green beans, carrots, and more. Their quality brand is designed to focus on your pets health and give them a pet food product that will make them happy. Your pet will thank you every time you see them constantly wagging their tail at mealtime. Discover a pet food that is chosen over competitor products 10 to 1. Walmart also conveniently sells Beneful products in the pet care aisle of select retailers. You’re invited to give your puppy a taste of the Beneful life by adjusting their diet from a choice of select brands.


Bruce Bent II is the Vice President of the Chairman of Double Rock Corporation who is an experienced entrepreneur who is credit with creating some of the most innovative short-term management, cash-related solutions for broker-dealer, bank, qualified plan, and retail markets around. Bent’s vision and entrepreneurial drive have made him one of the forefront leaders in the technological development that has swept the banking industry over the last several decades. Bent today holds over 60 patents and helped transform the FDIC-ensured market into a landscape worth over the $1 trillion that it is today. Bent is also the CEO at who managed amazing growth at The Reserve over its 17-year historical period of time including helping guide the firm through the 2008 banking crisis.

Bruce Bent II has also been involved in various forays into the markets of areas like asset management, intellectual properties, financial technologies, business consulting, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, healthcare financing, etc. to name a few other industries he has been involved in through some capacity. Bent is also a board member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association.

In his spare time, Bruce Bent II lends his hand to several philanthropic causes as well. He has in the past also been on the board of the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson which is an environmental association that protects the wildlife and area surrounding the Hudson River. He is also heavily involved with the Young Presidents’ Association which mentors over 10,000 young people around the world to become the next generation of global business leaders by providing them training, motivation, and inspiration to take responsibility for the next generation of business and wealth management around the world. Mentors like Bruce II empower these young people to take charge of their own educations and to learn what they need to know to help them rise to the top of the next generation’s business class to lead another generation forward.

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Launched back in January 2007, Avaaz quickly became the largest and one of the most influential activist networks online. It is a US based organization that promotes activism on global issues – climate change, human and animal rights, conflict, corruption, and poverty. The name of the group is of Persian origin and can be translated as voice/song. Several groups co-founded Avaaz and individuals, among them, were Res Publica, MoveOn.org, and former congressman from Virginia Tom Perriello. Ricken Patel serves as the organization’s president and also the executive director. Before creating Avaaz, Ricken Patel has been working with international crisis groups and being sent to different nations in conflict to try and resolve the problems surrounding them. He went back to the United States after working for the crisis groups and joined MoveOn.org. He managed to learn using online tools for the purpose of activism after he volunteered for MoveOn.org, and used it to launch Avaaz. Since its creation, Avaaz firmly rejects donations that are over $5000, and proudly states that members are helping out the organization by donating their money, which raised over $20 million.


Today, Avaaz campaigns around the globe are being managed by several campaigners who are working from 30 different countries and are having communications by the use of email and other social media tools. Their tactics in activism include petitions from the public and videos being uploaded to the internet. They are also using advertisement to voice out their concern and move a campaign forward, and have been staging rallies and other stunts to get the attention of the media and to express what they are fighting for to the public. Different protest suggestions are coming in from its members, and are being polled to other Avaaz members. Successful campaigns from Avaaz have managed to bring a noticeable change to countries where they have a presence, and these changes, even little ones, could bring hope to the communities who have been oppressed and have lost their faith.

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Jason Hope, a famous tech entrepreneur and commentator, has expressed his view on the technology of things. This is a new technology that allows a set of connected devices to sync and communicate with each other remotely. It extends beyond computers and smartphone as well as Internet connectivity to include devices, such as cars, home appliances, and streetlights. With the technology of things, these helpful devices can be easily controlled to enhance efficiency and safety.

In a recent article, Jason Hope stated that he is optimistic that Internet of things is about to get better. He believes that this new trend carries numerous benefits for everyone. He glorifies this new technology by referring to it as the newest wave of advancement in the tech industry. Homes, companies, cities, and industries that embrace the technology of things stand to gain a lot from cost savings. Jason also sees the technology of things as the next technological battle front. Over the next few years, he says, Tech companies will compete to develop apps and other utilities to improve this new technology further. The result will be better lives for everyone.

Both city and urban lives are set to improve with advancements in the technology of things drastically. After full integration of technology of things, urban life will become easier. There will be less congestion and more efficiency. Rural dwellers will also benefit from improved operations, such as emergency response and communication. Through GPS tracking and Closed Circuit Surveillance Systems, for example, accidents will be easier to respond to and mitigate and what Jason Hope knows.

Jason Hope

Jason hope is a reputable figure in the tech industry. Born, raised, and schooled in Arizona, Jason is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a futurist. He is passionate about technology and giving back to his Arizona community. His wide array of investments in technology and dedication to working with humanitarian organizations is enough proof of this. Besides business, Jason Hope also has interests in politics at the state and national level and more information click here.

Jason Hope was born in Tempe Arizona. After high school, he studied finance at eminent Arizona State University. He later pursued an MBA from Carey’s school of business at the same institution. He believes that aging is an occurrence that can be delayed. Through partnerships with humanitarian organizations, Jason has undertaken several successful anti-aging projects. Most of these projects have been aimed at helping people live longer and healthier lives and Jason’s twitter.

More visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

USHEALTH Group formerly known as Ascent Assurance, Inc. was founded in 1982. It comprises a family of companies that provide innovative health insurance products for those who seek health insurance. The company is situated in Fort Worth, Texas. Its subsidiaries include; National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance of America.

In 2011 the company opened its marketing arm, USHEALTH Advisors which specializes in marketing the products underwritten by USHEALTH Group’s life and health companies. The arm appreciates the major role played by its group of sales representatives in the success of the company.

The insurance business is a competitive business which requires innovativeness and being responsive to the changing customer needs. This is the case with USHEALTH Group Inc. Through its life and health insurance companies, USHEALTH Group offers quality tailor-made health insurance plans to cover their clients’ specific needs. The group has over 50 years of cumulative experience in underwriting insurance for the larger American market.

When it comes to designing health insurance products, USHEALTH Group through its affiliate companies takes Centre Stage. The company believes in choice, and for that reason, therefore, their products are designed to give a large array of options for their clients to choose from. Their products are also reliable affordable and can be reached by anyone who wants insurance through their agents. These products include Premier Choice, Secure Advantage, Premier Vision, Secure Dental, Med Guard, Life Protector among others.

The company has attained an A+ status from the Better Business Bureau. This is in line with their first class customer service experience. In 2013 the company was named a Top 50 North American Call Centre which is an award given to the elite companies in America for customer service. In 2016 they won the Gold in the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards. Also in the same year, Troy McQuagge, the USHEALTH Group CEO won the same prize. USHEALTH Group on Facebook.

The insurance sector has a large customer turnover and low customer loyalty. However, USHEALTH Group differentiates themselves by making good long-term relationships with their customers through good customer services and unique products. This has made it a trusted health insurance provider who is dependable and delivers on their promise thus inspiring customer loyalty. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance is one of the main products offered by USHEALTH Group insurance. It is a product that covers families against disease, death or disability of the breadwinner. When a family loses its breadwinner, they find it hard to cope having gotten used being provided for by the head of the family. This product ensures that the family gets a couple of payments for some time as they try to recover from the loss. The product is designed in such a way that it is affordable and meets individual needs of the clients.

Learn more about USHEALTH Group: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ushealth-group#/entity

Thor Halvorssen is someone who is very passionate about human rights. He is willing to lay down his whole life for people to experience a fair and humane life. He has started a foundation called the Human Rights Foundation. This is where he gets a lot of information on the different violations to human rights that are being carried out in various countries. Among the countries that he is standing against is North Korea, which has been revealed to be a tyrannical government that is filled with people who are malnourished. It is run by the Kim Dynasty which has led the people they rule over to believe that they are divine entities.

Thor is quickly establishing himself as the new face of human rights activism.He is fighting real hard to do away with different stereotypes. Unlike the reputation of human rights activists, Thor Halvorssen does not have a sour demeanor. He is also not someone who would hate people. He places emphasis on the fact that he loves people. He is also highly energetic when it comes to running a campaign for human rights. Thor stands out from among other human rights activists.

Another image that Thor challenges is that of someone who just sits around and talks about violations. Thor is not someone who just stands outside of the acts of human rights violations, he actually gets involved in the fight for human rights. He also has a personal experience with human rights violations when his family was handled by the government of his home. Thor goes beyond a theoretical knowledge of human rights. He is someone that has actually experienced a taste of what people in tyrannical countries have to deal with every day of their lives in order to survive. Thor works overtime in order to come to a solution that will bring freedom to the oppressed. Click here to watch video.