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Samuel Strauch Sits Down To Do An Interview With Ideamensch

Samuel Strauch Sits Down To Do An Interview With Ideamensch

Samuel Strauch was asked of a habit of his that makes him more productive as a businessman. His response was that meditation is an extremely beneficial habit of his. Strauch believes that everybody should practice some form of meditation daily.

With meditation Samuel Strauch says that he is able clear his mind and better focus on his work and personal life. Samuel Strauch also points out that there are additional benefits to meditation such as health benefits and stress relief.

The next question that Strauch was asked was what was the worst job he had held in his life. A follow up question then asked him what he gleaned from that experience. The worse job that Samuel Strauch had in his life was working in the operational department of a major firm. This work involved doing menial tasks such as organizing files and reports. Strauch said he found such work to be tedious and boring. He says he is more of a creative and people person. From this job, he learned that it is best to pursue work that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. It also made him realize that he should be true to himself and not get stuck in a job that he dislikes.

Ideamensch later inquired if Samuel Strauch could start his business over would what would he differently. Strauch’s response was that we all make mistakes in life and that life is a journey. Whatever experiences come our way, it is part of our growth that should make us stronger and wiser. He did wish that he was not as trusting of some of his former business associates. At the same time, Strauch says that he did meet a lot of great people by being open and trusting. In the end, Samuel Strauch says that he had a lot of more positives than negatives in his life so far, so he would not change a thing.

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