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Basketball is a fun sport that can even turn into a professional career for some. There are players, coaches, directors, managers, and other hired professionals to make a basketball career possible. An American college basketball assistant coach named Yanni Hufnagel watches over the Nevada Wolf Pack basketball team. He has a superb resume on his basketball career and known as the top of the recruiters in college basketball. Hufnagel is the coach in which schools want to call when they want their teenagers to be scouted.

In his early life, he was the captain for his lacrosse team. He was never actually in a basketball team, even though he is a top coach. After that, he continued to attend Pennsylvania State university and joined the lacrosse team as a defenseman. Then, he transferred to Cornell University where he would earn his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations in 2006. Hufnagel did not stop there, which is why he continues to be an inspiration to many professionals. In Oklahoma, he graduated with his master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education with an Emphasis in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration in 2010.

Since he is a great coach and loves what he does, considering his long career in coaching basketball, he was offered many promotions. Eventually, he chose the Nevada Wolf Pack and managed to win 24 games under Musselman. Now, he has earned his title as the Division I head coach albeit the highlight of his career so far.

Although his career was not always perfect, he has been accused of sexual harassment by a female report which he ultimately denies and still continues his career. Despite the accusations of sexual harassment, Yanni does not quit his hard work in the basketball scene.

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In one of his annual letters to Berkshire Hathaway investors, Warren Buffett extolled the virtues of passive investing based on index funds.

According to the response by Timothy Armour, Chairman of the Capital Group of actively traded mutual funds, Buffett bet $1 million with a group of hedge fund traders that the S&P 500 index would outperform them. So far, he’s on track to win the bet.

As recently written up in The Financial Times, the concept of passive index fund investing has become so popular that it’s reducing the bottom lines of the top mutual fund families such as Fidelty and T. Rowe Price. Now Vanguard is the mighty giant.

That made Armour decide to stop passively accepting the trend, and to actively begin fighting back. In his response to Buffett, he makes the case that the eighteen funds run by Capitol Group have a collective life long enough to qualify as “the long term,” and their average return is 1.47% higher than their respective index benchmarks. And that is after accounting for expenses.

Therefore, he says, it is possible for actively traded funds to outperform index funds. He also cites the top 5 American funds managed by Capitol Group and learn more about Tim.

After graduating from Middlebury College with a degree in Economics, Armour went to work for Capitol Group in their Associates Program. To do so, he turned his back on the opportunity to operate a surf shop. After over 30 years of success, he took over Capitol Group as Chairman in 2015 and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

He’s also on record as foreseeing the world economy picking up steam after years of the doldrums following the Great Recession. He believes trade will flourish, and interest rates and inflation will both go up.

More visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_Group_Companies

Described as the troublemaker for tyrants, Thor Halvorssen is a 39-year-old founder of Human Rights Foundation-based in New York. Half-Venezuelan, half-Norwegian, Halvorssen has grown with the spirit of advocating for human rights taken from grandfather and father.

Halvorssen always says that he loves people and always fighting for the “underdogs”. The HRF chairperson, Vaclav Havel passed on 2011, and his successor Garry Kasparov- a political activist is an aggressive human rights advocate. Kaparov has suffered under Russian police as well as sentenced to two years in prison.

Halvorssen has also suffered for his cause where in 2010; police beat him for secretly recording an interview he had with Thich Quang Do, whose church had been banned, and served a 28 years house arrest.

Thor continues to criticize Latin American dictatorships of the left wing. He fights against any sort of discrimination or dictatorship together with his team members, who despite different political affiliations are under one mission.

HRF consists of 12 devoted staff members covering different corners of the world, devoted to making clear authoritarianism and assist protesters and political prisoners. Although a small fish compared some other big human rights organizations, HRF is after the tyrants and the “big fish” per se. HRF holds a yearly Oslo Freedom Forum that brings together human rights beat reporters. Some of their major donors are Google’s Sergey Brin and PayPal’s co-founder Peter Thiel.

Thor Halvorssen doubles up as a human rights activist and film producer. He started fighting for human rights as a teenager in 1989 in London by planning opposition against apartheid in South Africa. A son of former Venezuelan elite Halvorssen engages in deep and dizzying global politics on human rights, putting him on the spot of different international disputes. Moreover, his deep involvement has turned him to be among the most perplexing and polarizing people in human rights activism.

In 2005, Halvorssen founded Human Rights Foundation- a New York-based organization after his mother was killed in a political demonstration in 2004. HRF aims to liberate political prisoners, as well as promote democracy and tolerance in Latin America. HRF has succeeded in securing the release of 7 conscience prisoners; submitted amicus reporting in key global human right cases; offered evidence to the Truth Commissions, and authored two books on the role of the state and individual rights.

http://www.weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824 for more .


USHEALTH Group Inc is a leading life and health insurance firm that aims at providing solutions for families, individuals, and companies in the United States of America.



Troy McQuagge serves as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The One Planet Awards honored Troy by naming him the Gold Winner for CEO of the Year Award. One Planet Awards is a well-known premier award that honors Chief Executive Officers who display good business ethics and professional excellence in their line of business worldwide.


In 1982, USHEALTH Group Inc was incorporated to offer high-quality insurance coverage which includes Disability Income Insurance, Dental Coverage, Critical Illness Life, Income Protection Solutions, Accident Insurance, Sickness Insurance and much more.The vision of the company is to offer premier coverage for health insurance and deliver exceptional services to customers in America. The firm considers itself to be the company of choice in the insurance industry for all their employees, customers, agents as well as key stakeholders.


Through its subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group Inc is able to sell and underwrite supplementary products and insurance health plans for individuals who are self-employed in addition to business owners within the United States. This insurance company sells its insurance products with the help of agents. In March 2005, USHEALTH Group Inc changed its name from Ascent Assurance Inc.


USHEALTH Group Location

USHEALTH Group Inc is situated in Fort Worth, Texas where operations are done from the headquarters. USHEALTH Group, through its subsidiaries of National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, offers innovative insurance policies to families, individuals, employees and small business owners. USHEALTH Group has managed to serve over 15 million customers through its insurance companies which cater for customers with individually tailored plans and learn more about Troy.


USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

USHEALTH Group Family considers the fact that every customer has different needs when it comes to the Sickness/Specified Disease and Accident coverage. USHEALTH Group Family believes that the clients should have options, therefore, they have a broad range of insurance coverage packages to take care of the customer’s choice.


USHEALTH Group has designed innovative products through the USHEALTH Group family to be able to address the customers’ need for affordability, reliability, and flexibility when selecting their insurance coverage. For example, customers with limited budgets or those who want to satisfy a particular annual deductible before they receive insurance benefits can access the innovative products that provide first-dollar benefits for the services covered across the board. These plans are more comprehensive and affordable to provide assurance and first dollar protection, something that other insurance companies do not offer and more information click here.


USHEALTH Group Inc differentiates itself from other insurance companies in the market by maintaining a long-term relationship with the new and existing customers and his Twitter.


Samuel Strauch was asked of a habit of his that makes him more productive as a businessman. His response was that meditation is an extremely beneficial habit of his. Strauch believes that everybody should practice some form of meditation daily.

With meditation Samuel Strauch says that he is able clear his mind and better focus on his work and personal life. Samuel Strauch also points out that there are additional benefits to meditation such as health benefits and stress relief.

The next question that Strauch was asked was what was the worst job he had held in his life. A follow up question then asked him what he gleaned from that experience. The worse job that Samuel Strauch had in his life was working in the operational department of a major firm. This work involved doing menial tasks such as organizing files and reports. Strauch said he found such work to be tedious and boring. He says he is more of a creative and people person. From this job, he learned that it is best to pursue work that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. It also made him realize that he should be true to himself and not get stuck in a job that he dislikes.

Ideamensch later inquired if Samuel Strauch could start his business over would what would he differently. Strauch’s response was that we all make mistakes in life and that life is a journey. Whatever experiences come our way, it is part of our growth that should make us stronger and wiser. He did wish that he was not as trusting of some of his former business associates. At the same time, Strauch says that he did meet a lot of great people by being open and trusting. In the end, Samuel Strauch says that he had a lot of more positives than negatives in his life so far, so he would not change a thing.

Learn more about Samuel Strauch: http://www.elpuntocritico.com/noticias-mexico/economia-nacional/129946-mexicanos-buscan-invertir-en-bienes-ra%C3%ADces-en-eu.html

Marketing strategies, advertisement, and real estate development just to mention a few; these are the skills that Todd Lubar is well known for. Currently living in Bethesda, Maryland, Todd Lubar is a family man who has built a name for himself for his love for the real estate industry and ingenuity. Above this, he loves traveling and spending time with his family. He is also a fan of the Orange County found in California. Among his greatest ambitions in life is to become a better person and to change the people around him for the better. He also believes in networking and value addition.

In an article on Hackronym, other than the mortgage industry, Todd Lubar is a man who loves diversification. For this reason, he owns other ventures rather than the real estate like a night club and a scrap company. These are publicly traded companies and even acquire the biggest contracts in the United States. He learned the importance of owning several unrelated companies in the year 2008 following the economic recession in the USA. Having worked with many companies since the year 1995, Todd Lubar is the proud owner and founder of a company called Legendary Properties, LLC. This is a venture that specializes in offering capital to both publicly and privately held institutions. Since he founded the Legendary Properties, Todd Lubar has been involved in more than 7000 transactions. These are transactions that have made him millions of money turning him into the real estate mogul he is today.

Prior his involvement with Legendary Properties, Todd Lubar, used to work for a company called Charter Funding that specialized in funding projects in the real estate market. During his time with this company, he used to have access to many programs and wealth. From 1999 to 2003, he used to work for a company called Legacy Financial Group, and this institution offered him access to loans and the mortgage bankers. He developed many friendships during his time with this institution. Todd Lubar greatest achievement is his education. He holds a degree in rhetoric and speech communication from Syracuse University. He took his first job with a company called Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

Check out: http://www.toddlubar.com/contact/

Dead-of-night emails, texts, and messages are just a few of the indications that Thor Halvorssen is not an average human right activist, but a person dedicated to something far much greater than himself. His lineage dates back to Norwegian kings consul in Venezuela. Thor’s mother is of the descendants of Venezuelan president Cristobal Mendoza. Mr Halvorssen is 39 years old and is the founder of Human Rights Foundation based in New York. Human rights and individual liberty, according to Thor are the table upon which other discussions rest. His knowledge comes not in theory but from a first-hand experience. His father got tortured in Caracas prison for exposing corrupt government officials. Additionally, his mother was shot dead during a demonstration and his first cousin, Leopold Lopez, is currently a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Thor loves people, and mostly those that stands up against tyranny. The freedom troublemakers that blows spitballs at authoritarians are the kind of individuals he loves most. Thor has spent days in a Vietnamese jail for taping an interview of Thich Quang Do, a patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church who was under house arrest. He considered himself as a classical liberal. His foundation hires based on mission. As long as you share the same goal, the political inclination is irrelevant. Today, HRFs annual Oslo Freedom Forum is a can’t-miss event for human rights activist.

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan based human rights activists. Additionally, he is a film producer and takes a keen interest in the production of films related to public policy, individual rights, civil liberties and pro- democracy advocacy. Thor got identified by several media groups as a maverick who fights for the powerless. In 2013, a profile in BuzzFeed described him as a man righting the wrongs and injustices made by dictators with an equal might as the dictators. He is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual festival for human right activists. Click here to know more.

Halvorssen is the president of HRF. This foundation empowers people by teaching them their fundamental human rights. Additionally, it fights for the human rights by organizing demonstrations and petitioning the government. He is also a patron of a children’s peace movement called On Own Feet.

Venezuelan-born activist Thor Halvorssen has devoted much of his life to championing the causes of freedom and human rights. Halvorssen’s inspiration came from his parents, whom stood up to tyranny through most of his childhood.

In 2005, Mr Halvorssen founded and serves as the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Human Rights Foundation, a New York City-based organization. During the Foundation’s 12 years in existence, it has advocated for the release of political prisoners, challenged oppressive governments that foster hatred and intolerance amongst minorities and challenged celebrities and political leaders who have associated with or profited from relationships with dictators and other human rights violators.

The success of the Human Rights Foundation motivated Halvorssen, in 2009, to establish the Oslo Freedom Foundation, which offers a forum for human rights defenders to share ideas and formulate new and innovative human rights advocacy campaigns. Also in 2009, Halvorssen became Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement. This organization fosters relationships between young people in western nations and those hailing from war torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Halvorssen’s work has made him a leading authority on human rights issues. He has authored articles for such notable publications as Time Magazine, The Atlantic and The Huffington Post. In addition, Halvorssen has appeared on major television news programs in the United States and across the world. Click here to know more.

Halvorssen has also successfully branched into the film industry. Works he has produced have featured prominent actors and examined topics like the Soviet dictatorship and the political biases seen at American universities. However, the work which garnered Halvorssen the most critical acclaim and public scrutiny was “The Sugar Babies,” which studies the issue of human trafficking.

The internet has been popularly known as the internet of things. This is because the internet has made all things accessible at once. Everything is a click away from the consumer. Internet connectivity has made different things that were not popular in the society visible. The power of the web cannot be underestimated. Honey Birdette is an Australian Lingerie brand. It has launched an e-commerce platform in the United States. Honey Birdette is taking advantage of the internet. It is targeting the online economy of the Unite States. E-commerce has become popular because of its convenience. Honey Birdette has launched an e-commerce platform to sell different products via the internet.

Honey Birdette is popular because of their unique products. This aspect of the brand puts them ahead of their competitors because consumers enjoy unique products. The Australian brand has trained their staff to become acquitted with the America culture. This will facilitate the brand to attract consumers because customers enjoy people who understand their way of life. The brand has used this as a marketing strategy that enables the company to make more profits. The company’s goal is to introduce a new platform in the United Kingdom to meet the needs of consumers in the United Kingdom.

This shows that the popularity of a product promotes other products in a market. Honey Birdette is using the popularity of their brand to promote the e-commerce product that they have launched. It is evident that the popularity of their first brand promotes the products the company will launch in the future. Companies should learn to build various brands using the lasting images that they have to build in the market. This promotes the easy and available market. Companies should strive to create a lasting image so that it is easy to launch another product.

For more information on Honey Birdette follow them on Facebook.