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Sujit Choudhry’s Knowledge of Comparative La

Sujit Choudhry’s Knowledge of Comparative La

Comparative Law is a discipline that has greatly focused on analyzing differences and similarities in the laws that are used in various countries across the globe. The subject has gained popularity in the recent years since there is a need for globalization of democratization, internationalism, and the world’s economy. Many people have started majoring in comparative law, and it has been introduced in various higher learning institutions across the planet. The legal systems that scholars analyze include civil law, common law, Jewish law, Chinese law, Hindu law, Canon law, and Islamic law.


The study of the field assists people to understand how the constitutions of various nations work. This makes it easy for people to leave in harmony since there are a lot of international interactions and communications in the recent world. Scholars in this field understand the differences in various constitutions and how they can be modified for them to be similar. Click here.


Sujit Choudhry has specialized in comparative law, and he presently serves the Center for Constitutional Transition Commission as its faculty director, see constitutionaltransitions.org.  He is an alumnus of the McGill University where he graduated with a science degree. Choudhry later studied law at the prestigious Oxford University and the University of Toronto. He also got his Masters of Law from the Harvard University.


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Choudhry has served various institutions. He was once hired as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada. The University of Toronto employed him as an associate professor in 2004, and he majored in law. Sujit was chosen to act as a global visiting professor at the highly respected New York University. He later worked for Cecilia Goetz. The law expert is currently employed by the University of California where he is the institution’s Michael Heyman, professor of law. He has been holding the office position since 2014. Open this link, blogs.law.myu.edu for more.


Sujit Choudhry has acquired a wealth of experience for the many years that he has been studying comparative law. His competence enabled him to be appointed to the Governing Toronto Advising Panel. The organization has been supporting the Toronto government in making reforms. Choudhry has published several law journals, articles, and books. Check this site for more, linkedin.com.


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