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Finally, ClassDojo has made it big in the education sector.

Finally, ClassDojo has made it big in the education sector.

ClassDojo is an established App developer that got created with the aim to help in the classroom.it has seen a tremendous growth due to the many experts involved. The experts ensure that they offer the highest possible services to the App users.


In an aid to have the best both in the classroom and outside the school, ClassDojo in series B has raised $21million.The fund is intended to benefit in the implementation of the ClassDojo App that will foster the communication between the parents, teachers and the students. It will enable the faculty and the parents known and be able to predict the changes in the behavior, social and all manner of the activities that the students engage .The App offers a plus to the parents having a busy schedule. The App if well implemented will bring a ground up the change in the industry that will be transferred to more excellence academically. The App will create a community between the three involved parties.


To make the app of a higher value the management of the ClassDojo is figuring out what addition features would be appropriate for the parents at home. The idea behind this is to assist the parents in the tracking the child endeavors at home like in the school.


The app has gained a lot of publicity due to the manner in which the teachers have been using it. They can now be able to post a photo any time of the day and show the parents what they students are doing and the achievements. Moreover, scheduling of any activities is easy as parents get the information in a quick manner from the first hand thus omitting the room for errors.


In the urge to have the app adapted quickly there are no premiums attached to the ownership of the App. It has led the company to gain more than 85000 schools subscribed to the feature. There isn’t any revenue generated. The company is happy to see their efforts leaping fruits. The founder says that their aim is to help the learners and for equality they do not intend to charge anything related to the app application to the classroom. They would instead make parents pay for other features that the app will soon contain.