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Ideamensch Features Todd Lubar As Guest

Ideamensch Features Todd Lubar As Guest

One of the questions that was given to Todd Lubar on Ideamensch was what is one failure that he had as an entrepreneur and how did he manage to overcome it. Mr. Lubar’s answer to that question was that he had a business deal that went wrong and that he had to start from scratch. He said he overcame this obstacle by getting up the next day and beginning to work from the very start all over to complete the deal successfully. He had to use a different strategy, renegotiate and put much more effort into the deal than he thought was needed. Lubar says that sometimes you need a little more umph, some luck and a different way of going about business to really succeed.

Ideamensch asked Todd Lubar if he had a business idea that he was willing to share with the readers of Ideamensch. Todd Lubar responded by saying that he believes there exists a major opportunity for a business to dominate the house finding website sector. He says that there are a lot of house finding websites on the web right now. Too many of them have information that is outdated or incorrect Lubar continued. This provides an opportunity for a business to come into this sector and become the Google or dominant player of house hunting on the web.

Next, Ideamensch inquired about a strategy that has helped Todd Lubar grow his business and how it has helped him expand his business. The response of Todd Lubar was that having a culture of trust and open and honest dialogue between members of the business has been absolutely vital for the success of his business. Lubar added that honesty and transparency have helped his business grow and overcome challenges. People trust each other and feel comfortable addressing their concerns at his company. This helps the business identify and solve problems quickly as well as effectively.

Todd Lubar is a businessman whose present venture is called TDL Global Ventures LLC. This business provides startups with capital as well as business advice and guidance to launch their business. Mr. Lubar has previously worked as a property developer, contractor and mortgage lender. He is a graduate of Syracuse University in New York.

About Todd Lubar: https://www.facebook.com/todd.lubar.7