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Thor Halvorseen; the human rights activist

Thor Halvorseen; the human rights activist

Thor Halvorseen is a renowned human rights activist and a film producer. The story of Thor is a success story. It has taken hard work and dedication for him to get to where he is in his career despite the numerous challenges.

Human rights

He is an active human rights activist from Venezuela. He mainly specializes on dictatorship, slavery, human trafficking and also threats democracy. Because of his different work, he has been invited to lecture in different occasions at Harvard Law School on human rights. He has also lectured on the United Nations Association and American Enterprise Institution. He was also invited to speak at the British Parliament.

His career has revolved around the human rights. In 1999, he became the first executive director and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. It was in the same year that he spearheaded a campaign at Lucent Technologies appealing to the creation of the labor policy related to the anti-slavery.

He left the Foundation for Individual Rights in 2004. He later joined the Human Rights Foundation as its president. The foundation was incorporated in 2005. He went ahead and founded the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009. Thor in Facebook .


He has also been involved in the production of the different films that are related public policy and individual rights. Currently, he is working on the production of ‘the moon is a harsh mistress’ which is based on the Heinlein’s fiction novel. He has also produced and co-produced different films including the; Click Here for more.

v Freedom’s Fury who’s executive producer is Lucy Lu.

v Hammer and Tickle

v Indoctrinate U; this is a documentary which focuses on the anti-intellectual culture of different Campuses

v The singing revolution a film about the Estonia’s peaceful struggle

v Sugar Babies; which relates to the human trafficking that is happening in the Dominican Republic

v 2081


He was awarded the Soi Feinstone Award by the University of Pennsylvania for his work on protecting the student speech. He was also presented with the Presidential silver medal in 2010 by the Romanian Leader. The award was to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 1989 Romanian revolution.

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