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EOS: The Little Ball That Toppled an Empire

EOS: The Little Ball That Toppled an Empire

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a stick of Chapstick with me, the little tube went everywhere I went, including some places I would never go, bottom of the washer machine I’m looking at you. I thought nothing could replace my Chapstick, that is until I found a little red ball that looked more like a cute toy egg than lip balm. Up until that point, lip balm was a generic beauty item, something that I needed but really didn’t express anything beyond doing its job. Then I took that little red ball home and started carrying it everywhere I went. EOS soon became my go to choice for lip balm, the cute little colors and shape mixed with flavors that actually were appealing made it so much more than a lip balm.

That’s why I was not a bit surprised to find on my Facebook news feed about Fast Company, one of my favorite online publications for start up news, had published a piece about my favorite lip balm company. Though I had used the product for years, I never really put much thought into how it came into existence, it just showed up one day and continued to show up everywhere.

The story behind the little upstart lip balm company that would quickly displace the king at the top of the hill was quite an interesting read as well. Beyond giving me better insight into what it takes to run a new company when faced with a major competitor that has all but cornered the market entirely, the piece provided me with a glimpse into the company behind one of my favorite products and something I literally carry on my person everywhere I go. EOS products are available on eBay and Amazon online. Try it for yourself!

If you want to read the full article, and I suggest you do, please visit Fast Company’s blog.