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Chris Burch Has His Eye On The Future Of Fashion And Technology.

Chris Burch Has His Eye On The Future Of Fashion And Technology.

The fascinating arena of technology, as well as the beautiful field of fashion, from the very birth of their origins, are two fields of creativity that have undergone changes. Both areas have advanced alongside the another. In the time of the technologically savvy 1970’s, a new device began to catch on. It was a new invention – a technological device for broadcasting music, which was known by the name “boom box.” This incredible item allowed patrons to have a mobile device to present their music easily to others and also to make their music portable. This allowed the user to bring their music to a party or on a stroll through their neighborhood. The next decade was the 1980’s, and the invention became featured in television broadcasts and film, alongside street dancers and their colorful new styles. As time progressed into the next decade, the 1990’s, the equipment had advanced so that the device was small enough for the consumer to carry it in their hand or clipped to a belt, with small personal stereo headphones as well. Within ten years time, the equipment had reduced further in size, lost all its moving parts, and could be carried in a pocket. Most consumers believe this advancement in the technology’s size was directly influenced by fashion.


Patrons of the modern world can see that technology is being paired to that of fashion in a large number of forms. Quite a lot of designers for fashion have produced garments that are designed to look after the owner and be a fashionable device simultaneously. A fine example of a great marriage of technology and fashion is an airbag that is worn around the patron’s neck. This construction of an airbag garment can be easily activated for a patron who is riding their bicycle, if they should fall from the bicycle, their neck can remain safe.


Inventions that are both fashion also technology that has been blended are the livelihood of CEO and architect of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch. He is a sponsor of a huge number of projects that blend fashion and technology as one. Mr. Chris Burch is a “power brander.”


Chris Burch employs his understanding of promotion and branding to expand a variety of clothing, blended with technology and fashion. Chris Burch established Eagle’s Eye with a $2,000 investment, expanding to a $165 million undertaking.