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Who are your role models? When persons, notice a very effective campaign strategy, all of a sudden, the name of the campaign manager of the politician keeps cropping up. This is true, even after the campaign is over. Sometimes the campaign is so effective, that the winner allows the manager to maintain an office nearby, for awhile: the advice of this person has been so instrumental–in supplying political campaign success.

Into the picture steps business consultant–political analyst extraordinaire: Andrea McWilliams. It is not every day that political genius is born. It is not every day that political managers and advisers, of Andrea’s capabilities, come about–however, when they do: everyone takes notice.

Ms. McWilliams is well-recognized within the Austin Business Community. She has been a finalist with respect to being one of the top businesswomen in Texas. Her skillfulness has been recognized by the Austin Chamber of Commerce and the national local entity of the Girl Scouts. The preceding eminent organizations, however, are a mere sampling of the prominent institutions and entities. who have recognized Andrea McWilliams, for her personal business achievements.

Andrea McWilliams is well-touted, within a field that goes unexplored by many outstanding businessmen and women. The professional political analyst is not a commonality. This person is a well-adjusted thinker, a skillful communicator, an effective lobbyist, and, many times, can make things happen: that effectively change the rules of the game, within the political arena. Andrea McWilliams provides all of the preceding characteristics and then some. It is this type of thinking that gets McWilliams noticed, too, within the National Media. She has been reported upon and profiled by FOX News, ‘Newsweek’, and ‘The Wall Street Journal’, among many other well-respected news media organizations.

When the prosperous and influential require political insight, and associated performance, it is Andrea McWilliams whom they turn: without hesitation.



Today I’m doing ten hair hacks. Here’s a virtual hug if you’re new. Without further ado let’s jump straight to the video.


1 Healthy hair starts on the inside so knowing what vitamins are essential for hair health is a great hack. Keep your body stocked up on omega threes fatty acids, vitamin C, and folic acids. Sugar bear is made to give you all these nutrients that’s why I take two every morning.


2 I’m guilty of rarely cleaning my brush, which spreads grease through my hair. To clean your brush, start off with a fine-toothed comb and pluck away. You can also clean the grime away with a tooth brush.


3 For great smelling hair, use a dryer sheet and punch it through the brush’s bristles. It will leave your hair smelling like fresh laundry.


4 To make your hair appear longer, do half your hair in the usual pony tail, and make another pony tail just below it. Use some hair spray to keep everything in place. From the sides, it kind of looks a little funny though.


5 Here’s a secret: massaging a hair mask into your hair before jumping into the shower perfectly conditions your hair, and lends it fabulous volume. Massage it into your scalp and then distribute it evenly in your hair.


6 Drying your hair with a towel is really bad, especially if you rub it. Instead, squeeze as much water as possible from your hair before you step out of the shower. Then use a t-shirt to dry the rest.


7 Style your hair with a brush that you’ve spritzed some product on. It will make your hair look silky smooth.


8 To control your baby hair in the front, use a hair-sprayed toothbrush to brush your hair back.


9 Coat a bobby pin with hairspray, then insert it into your hair. It’ll never fall out.


10 I hate split ends, to trim them in between appointments, just twist your hair together until the split ends reveal themselves on the sides. Then use a pair of scissors to snip them off.


Learn more about Wengie:





Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan native who has dedicated his life to film production and human rights activism. He concentrates on pro-democracy advocacy, individual rights, public interest advocacy and public policy. Halvorssen is known for establishing the Human Rights Foundation, Moving Picture Institute, and the Oslo Freedom Forum. As a film producer, he has produced several films such as the Moon is A Harsh Mistress. His films address the issues of slavery, human trafficking and threats to democracy. Another film under his name is the 2081.

Thor Halvorssen holds a degree in political science and history. Thor is also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Other than film production and human rights advocacy, Thor is an accomplished lecturer and teaches on the topic of human rights. Among the places that he has lectured include the American Enterprise Institute, the United Nations Associations, the New York City Junto and the Harvard Law School. During his time at the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has worked with the best human rights activists such as Garry Kasparov, Mart Laar, and Elie Wiesel. Thor has also worked with Vaclav Havel and Vladimir Bukovsky.

Over the years, Thor has received several awards such as the Sol Feinstone Award from the University of Pennsylvania and the Presidential Silver Award from the Romanian President. He was honored for his involvement in the 1989 Romanian Revolution. In the United States, Thor Halvorssen is known to oppose some senior senators such as Jose Serrano and Jack Kemp.

http://www.theatlantic.com/author/thor-halvorssen for more.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a stick of Chapstick with me, the little tube went everywhere I went, including some places I would never go, bottom of the washer machine I’m looking at you. I thought nothing could replace my Chapstick, that is until I found a little red ball that looked more like a cute toy egg than lip balm. Up until that point, lip balm was a generic beauty item, something that I needed but really didn’t express anything beyond doing its job. Then I took that little red ball home and started carrying it everywhere I went. EOS soon became my go to choice for lip balm, the cute little colors and shape mixed with flavors that actually were appealing made it so much more than a lip balm.

That’s why I was not a bit surprised to find on my Facebook news feed about Fast Company, one of my favorite online publications for start up news, had published a piece about my favorite lip balm company. Though I had used the product for years, I never really put much thought into how it came into existence, it just showed up one day and continued to show up everywhere.

The story behind the little upstart lip balm company that would quickly displace the king at the top of the hill was quite an interesting read as well. Beyond giving me better insight into what it takes to run a new company when faced with a major competitor that has all but cornered the market entirely, the piece provided me with a glimpse into the company behind one of my favorite products and something I literally carry on my person everywhere I go. EOS products are available on eBay and Amazon online. Try it for yourself!

If you want to read the full article, and I suggest you do, please visit Fast Company’s blog.



It is pretty interesting to discover that many people have a dying regret. A survey of people in the hospice illuminates the fact that many people regret not chasing their dreams when they were younger. Despite the fact that this information is out there, many people continue to follow the standard path and forsake their dreams. That’s why I love reading stories about people chasing their dreams; people like Yanni Hufnagel.


His story is about perseverance. Yanni Hufnagel loves basketball. He’s loved it since he was a small child playing with basketball figurines in his basement. Unfortunately, his basketball playing days came to an end when he was cut from his varsity high school basketball team. This is when most people with get into college, get a desk job and walk away from the thing that they love. But that’s not Yanni Hufnagel.


Yanni Hufnagel graduated from Cornell University after interning for the New Jersey Nets. While working for the New Jersey Nets, his responsibility was to wash player jerseys. He is willing to pay his dues in order to stay close to the very thing that he loves.


After graduating, he started his college basketball coaching career in Oklahoma. The head coach in Oklahoma recommended him for an assistant coaching position at Harvard. This is when Yanni Hufnagel’s career would take off.


Yanni Hufnagel discovered he had a gift for recruiting at Harvard. He was able to put together an Ivy League championship roster despite the fact that the Crimson Tide did not give out athletic scholarships nor did the Ivy League school reduce its academic requirements for basketball players. His recruiting class achieved a 79-24 record in the four years that he was there. He later recruited for the University of California at Berkeley and achieved a top. Five recruiting class


Jeffry Schneider is more than simply the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, LLC., he is a philanthropist with a heart of gold. His interest in helping other people has not only enriched the lives of everyone he has encountered, but has also helped many out of poverty or other life-threatening circumstances. As a humble man, he wouldn’t ever tell many people, but the truth is he supports many different charitable causes and organizations. Among these are Wonders and Worries, the Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for Children, Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, and Gods Love We Deliver. All of these help to lift humanity up in one or another, and many of them help children who would suffer needlessly, otherwise.

Not only is Jeffry Schneider a philanthropist, but he also genuinely cares about the people who work for him or with him at Ascendant Capital. He makes every member of the team, there, feel like they are part of a larger family, and the culture of transparency, trust, and encouragement found at Ascendant is revolutionizing the way business is being done. Him and his team plan to raise the bar this year and start raising a minimum of $50 million a month for the company, and this will be added to the $1 billion they have already raised. As a veteran of the financial services industry with over 24 years of meaningful experience, Jeffry knows the business like the back of his hand, and he plans on taking his boutique investment firm with its focus on alternative investments to the top.

Outside of business, Jeffry pays close attention to his health and he likes to encourage others to do the same and appreciates being in the role of someone who inspires people to be healthy. He amazes people by challenging himself to half ironman challenges, quite regularly, and gets to travel to locations around the world while doing so. Since Jeffry loves learning about people through his travels, this allows him to do so while also keeping himself in tip-top shape. Two of his favorite locations to travel to are rural Thailand and Budapest.

More visit: http://jeffryschneider.net/

Adam Milstein is known for his active philanthropist work as well as his success as a real estate investor. Over the years, he has supported many programs to strengthen the State of Israel and the Jewish People residing in the United States and abroad.

Adam is presently the MD at the well known commercial real estate company named Hager Pacific Properties. The company is the owner of many commercial and industrial real estate properties throughout the country and help manages them. He is also the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council which he helped cofound. Apart from that, he is also associated with many other organizations such as Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, AISH Los Angeles, Jewish Funders Network and others where he holds important positions. He also started an organization, Sifriyat Pijama B’America that provides books written in Hebrew to the Israeli-Jewish-American Families who want to learn the Jewish values.

Adam Milstein and his wife, Gila Milstein are the co-founders of a Foundation named Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation through which he contributes to many organizations in the country and abroad. The primary focus of their foundation is to consult and partner with organizations to support programs that can help elevate Jewish education system and help build a strong Jewish community in the country. He not only spends money on such programs but also take out time to support these programs through his time and his expertise.

Adam was resident o Israel and served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. But, once the war was over, he wanted to do something more with his life and started studying. He graduated from the Technion in 1978 top of his class. He then came to the US in 1981 and earned his MBA degree in Entrepreneurship from USC and began to work in the commercial real estate industry in Southern California after that. While he started as a real estate broker, he wanted to do something big and started his career as a real estate investor in which he was exceedingly successful. He currently lives in Encino in California along with his wife, three children, and three grandchildren.


Securus Technologies is a major player in the criminal justice arena. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides an array of different products and services. These include technological solutions that are designed to address issues in law enforcement, corrections, and other aspects of the criminal justice system.


The technologies created by Securus Technologies specifically addresses issues like communication, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, emergency response, and incident management. Included on the menu of Securus Technologies technology is Video Visitation.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation is an invaluable system that benefits the departments of correction and the general public in a number of different ways. For example, Video Visitation is proving important ad aiding in the reduction of recidivism rates in the United States.


Research reveals that an inmate has a better chance of succeeding after release from incarceration if he or she maintains solid relationships with family members while in jail or prison. Video Visitation is precisely the type of resource that ensures an inmate maintains a healthy, consistent relationship while incarcerated.


Video Visitation also enhances the security of a correctional facility. In-person visitation presents a heightened security risk for correctional institutions. Illicit contraband is smuggled through in-person visitation with shocking regularity. This includes the illegal conveyance of drugs and mobile communications devices into a correctional facility. Securus Technologies Video Visitation eliminates this portal and the security risk associated with in-person visitation.


At the present time, 178 correctional agencies in the United States have engaged the Securus Technologies Video Visitation technology. The CEO of the company projects that this number will increase significantly during the foreseeable future.


The reach of Video Visitation is significant. About 160,000 individual visits occur each month via this technology, or about 2 million annually. The company expects this number to double to 4 million individual visits next year.


The founder and leader of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, was featured on the MarTech Advisors’ homepage for posting an article on media advertising trends. Reina’s article is titled the ‘Video Advertising Trends of 2017.’ This piece talks about the techniques of some of the fastest-emerging video styles. It also covers how those styles are triggering changes in the market. MarTech Advisors have ranked Reina’s article as one of the top ten publications. The piece has attracted a huge base of readers after CMOs shared it on social networks such as Forbes.


According to Reina, he is excited to share his views and insights on digital marketing with the world and hopes that the article will serve as a guide to entrepreneurs. He emphasized that his report will also play a significant role in developing marketing strategies. Reina also shared product and service ideas with IT company officials based on market analysis, video popularity, and consumer trends. His article elaborates that videos are not only beneficial but are an active tool to entrepreneurs. Reina revealed that his first advertising tool, Video Email, became famous and was adopted by companies of all sizes. Since 2004, this marketing technique has continued to gain popularity in the marketplace.


Reina’s objective of publishing this article is to give additional tips on how to create captivating advertising videos. Reina also works as a part-time writer and contributes to the Huffington Post. The first piece that he wrote and shared with the MarTech Advisors was titled ‘Video Marketing Consumer Engagement and Profits.’ This article was also MarTech Advisors’ most reviewed and read piece in 2016. This firm plans to share Reina’s new piece with its global readership and 1.1 million followers.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is an award-winning video marketing solution powerhouse founded in 2007. This company’s objective is to assist businesses to increase profits and sales, outshine their competitors, and keep clients happy. Talk Fusion creates striking, persuasive, and appealing video products. This organization offers services such as video communication products, video newsletters, live meetings, and unrivaled customer service. This firm’s independent associates market the company’s product locally and globally. Talk Fusion supports various charities and community programs through donations and volunteer works.

Doug Levitt took on a journey around the country dubbed the Greyhound Diaries project. He traveled for 70000 miles in 7 years on Greyhound buses. His mission was to write songs as well as gather stories and images of fellow travelers that were living in poverty.


The Greyhound Diaries project was the foundation of two EP recordings, a book and a web series of images video and stories. It put together songs and stories in his narration, which showed that life struggles and hurdles are not solely experienced.


Mr. Levitt got an urge to become an artist, and he chose the road to be his mode of expression. After his return from overseas, Doug saw the rising statics of poverty in the country. He foresaw a waiting calamity that was not well tackled, prompting him to start the journey of coming up with a solution. Inspired by Works Progress Administration, era projects, he set out on a journey to start on his project. He was also motivated by his urge to tell his story, coming to terms with his father’s suicidal and ultimately forgiving himself. He learned that sharing with fellow passengers helped him heal and move on faster. This way, the people felt at ease sharing their stories with Doug.


The Greyhound buses ply more than 2200 destinations across the country, traveling through small towns that are not covered by technology. These small towns tend to be left out of national debates. Mr. Levitt noted that a lot of time is spent while traveling, which somehow draws people from politics and focus on the issues that are common among them. This makes them share stories of their struggles. Through the stories gathered, he discovered that the struggles of the country regarding poverty are more common in the districts than in the cities.


About Doug Levitt


Doug Levitt is a singer-songwriter, activist, and a former foreign correspondent. Previously, he was a London-based reporter for various media houses including CNN, NBC, and ABC. He mostly gathered news in foreign countries like Rwanda and Iran.


Mr. Doug Levitt attended the Washington DC public schools and later Cornell University. He received his masters in Nationalism and Ethic Conflict from London School of Economics on a Fulbright scholarship.