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Equities First Holdings UK Locks Down Peculiar Stock Lending Market

Equities First Holdings UK Locks Down Peculiar Stock Lending Market

Equities First Holdings is a business in the United Kingdom that specializes in “unusual” loans. The business provides funds to high net worth individuals against their stock. Clients come to Equities First Holdings for money. They transfer shares to the company, and then the company gives them about 80 percent of the stock’s value. Equities First Holdings returns the stocks to the borrowers when they repay the advance. Customers can get an attractive repayment rate of about 3 to 5 percent. The repayment terms are attractive through this company, as well. Borrowers can pay their loans back over a three-year spread if they so desire.

The People Who Benefit Most

A big time investor may be someone who wants to deal with Equities First Holdings. Such a person may not have the cash on hand to pay for a huge project. A hefty advance may be just what that client needs to start a project. The project may involve purchasing a gigantic piece of land or a chain of businesses.

Why Equities First Holdings Is Different

Other stock lenders do exist in other areas. They provide the loans to people who want to give up their stocks as collateral. The difference between Equities First Holdings and other companies is that they can pay a higher percentage for the stocks, and they can charge a lower interest rate for the loans than other companies do. Those two factors make dealing with this lender extremely attractive. Borrowers are starting to flock toward companies like this because it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to get what they need on credit. The average loan range is between $100,000 to $8 million or more. The company consistently holds tens of millions of dollars in assets on any given day.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a financial company that is comprised of only experts in the financial industry. These experts have decades of life skills and the highest levels of financial education. The industry veterans assist business-minded individuals who want to turn their ideas into profits.