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In 2002, Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties firm after a new Dubai government verdict that allowed outsiders to own properties was issued. Sajwani further succeeded to sell off his first 38-story residential building in just six months.


DAMAC Properties allied with Trump to develop two Trump-branded golf courses. One was opened in February 2017 at DAMAC Properties’ Akoya residential development based in Dubai. The other, Trump World Golf Course (designed by Tiger Woods), will be launched officially in a different DAMAC Property development by late 2018.



DAMAC Properties is a UAE firm located in Dubai. It handles property development, appealing market exploits, and now a popular golf course project with Donald Trump. Today, catering is still part of DAMAC Group’s operations since the service reminds Hussain of his first business enterprise and his ability to nurture friendships across the world. As the firm continues to develop, Hussain insists on applying his past skills to help in the recovery of UAE property prices.


DAMAC Properties’ chair praised the firm for its resilience in overcoming crises through cautious husbanding of money, controlling costs, reining in some projects, and applying strict measures appropriately. Further, he mentioned that DAMAC Properties is based on three principles: land should not be held on debt, escrow accounts should be autonomous, and that cash reserves should be retained by the firm in either fixed accounts or government bonds to support construction schedule in case of an overturn in the market.


The Association of Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump


The real estate developer is aiming to advance his business relationship with Donald Trump’s The Trump Organization. Sajwani further told NBC News about his close ties with Trump, which extended towards the president-elect’s family. On New Year’s Eve, while celebrating his elections victory at his Mar-a-Lag resort in Florida, Mr. Trump praised his Dubai-based business partner and his entire family.


Hussain Sajwani’s Generosity


Hussain Sajwani handed a cheque worth AED two million for a campaign to clothe a million needy children worldwide. The Ramadan initiative was launched by the UAE’s VP and Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – who also happens to be the leader of Dubai. He made the donation as part of the company’s support of the Dubai government to improve the living standards of people globally. Additionally, the firm’s donation will offer clothing and warmth for over 50,000 deprived children.

It’s been a tradition in the U.S. for artists to hit the road and tell the story of the vast American landscape and its people. This tradition has increased value in times of national crisis when a country struggles because of political gridlock or an economic calamity. On such occasions, hearing the experiences faced by Americans, irrespective of where they live or their backgrounds can be invaluable.


In the multimedia project “The Greyhound Diaries,” Doug follows this tradition with a wide-ranging exploration of poverty in the U.S. in graphic, music and novel form. He also incorporates these artistic forms in his live shows. These shows merge photographic images he projects during the performances, personal experience, and telling stories in the form of song.


Doug has traveled most of his life and has over 100,000 greyhound miles offering narratives of his fellow travelers. The first step in his journey was a six-week bus tour which took place in late 2004. On this trip, he packed a guitar, a digital camera, and a duct-taped laptop. The primary purpose was to bring to light the narratives of the working poor and the least expected in our daily lives. By doing this, he got to tell a story that exists beyond the usual day to day captions.


Doug Levitt was born in 1972 and is the last born in his family. His family gave him the opportunity to enjoy the best possible education. After graduating from Woodrow High School, he attended Cornell University. He then managed to get a Fulbright Scholarship, went to study at the London School of Economics and then graduated with masters in Internal Relations.


Levitt settled on a career as a journalist for CNN and moving to London before he joined the artistic world. He says that growing up in Washington D.C. made it harder for him to understand the lower classes of society in the world. After living and working in London was when he decided to change his focus in life from journalism to music and examination of the lives of people struggling in society. His initial journey in 2004 across the United States formed the basis of “The Greyhound Diaries.”

When people think about Betsy DeVos one of the things that come to mind besides her political affiliations is her charitable acts of philanthropy. She is known to have been deeply involved in the positive changes in her community. For one thing, she has a heart for struggling families and sees that education is very important to making the needed changes in life. She and her husband have donated a lot of money to different causes and institutions in order to help them improve on the quality of services they offer to them. The following are the institutions that have received the donations from Betsy DeVos.

According to dbdvfoundation.org, There were a lot of donations listed on the tax forms of the DeVos family. One of the donations they have made are to the Success Academy Charter Schools. Success has received $150,000 in donations with another $150,000 approved for a total of $300,000. Another school she has donated to was The Potter’s House. She has made a special mention of that school from time to time stating that it was the one school that got her interested in trying to bring forth school choice for students to have the chance to receive better education.

Read more: http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/01/31/512507538/under-devos-heres-how-school-choice-might-work

One institution they have given to was the Alliance for School Choice. Given that they are trying to bring forth school choice, it is only fitting that Dick and Betsy DeVos make their donations to the Alliance for School Choice so that they can help each other with the cause.

Meanwhile, Betsy has been involved in education in other capacities which includes serving in various seats. Among the positions she has held was a place on the board for the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

With all of the different things she does for the educational industry, it shows that she is very passionate about making sure that people are getting high quality education. While other people just donate their money to causes, it is the person who has the most engagement in the cause that is going to make the most difference. Betsy DeVos has made time to engage herself in the causes.

Jim Hunt always takes a calm and measured approach to the developments in global markets whether the news has been good or bad. Whether a bull or a bear market is coming, he believes in making investments and sticking with them, so long as they are smart investments at http://www.streetwisenews.com/bankcodes/. He weighed in on the global market events that took place after the presidential election of 2016. He said that while the US stock market showed some downturn and volatility, it’s remained relatively stable as compared to previous election cycles on YouTube. He also believes the coming years will be a good time to invest in industrial and financial stocks due to policies from the Trump administration expected to favor those sectors.

Jim Hunt is the Founder and CEO of VTA Publications. Hunt’s experience in investing began back when he worked at a big bank in the UK, but he later felt it was time to go out on his own and show less knowledgeable investors on prnewswire.co how they could get around the bank to invest and trade stocks. So he started the company to share information on investing and starting a business, and even included insights on planning retirement, learning how to read and use stock charts, and about other little-known investment options. VTA Publications also has recorded seminars from various business experts about investing and business strategies.

Jim Hunt also has offered viewers an in-depth look at his investments and trades via YouTube videos. The videos also include two projects he started at VTA Publications called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is about a secret to investing and trading just before a bear market hits that will turn a profit if you make the right two phone calls. “Making Mum a Millionaire” was designed to show investors just how simple trading stocks can be, and how picking the right stock and making 10 trades could make you a tax-free millionaire. You can find out more about Jim Hunt and his work, or order distance learning materials in both print and electronic media format by going on vtapublications.co.uk.

Boraie Development is among the largest real estate firms in New Jersey. It has a diversified portfolio of development services that targets the property market. The company draws its success from its knack for working efficiently with financial institutions, seasoned architects, and competent engineers to complete projects promptly. Its primary service range property development, management, and sales, to marketing.

Completed projects

Boraie Development boasts more than 30 years of expertise in the world of real estate development. The company has established a pool of return clients due to its ability to use state-of-the-art construction technology and complete projects within the scheduled time. The company oversaw the construction of the New Brunswick-located One Spring Street and a 238-unit tower known as The Aspire at New Brunswick. Boraie also developed Atlanta City’s The Beach Residential Building. It also supervised the construction of Albany St. Plaza, a building located in the downtown area, consisting of office space of 250,000 square feet and retail space occupying 20,000 square feet.

Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the senior executive VP of Boraie Development. He has received compliments for his foresightedness and open style of management. He seeks to transform New Brunswick into a leading tourist destination through his development projects. He also aims at bringing grace to the New Brunswick City to redeem it from the jaws of poverty. Under the guidance of Sam Boraie, the Boraie Development has implemented actionable marketing strategies that are designed to lure more real estate investors and entrepreneurs into the city and transform it into an economic powerhouse.

Duties of Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie has gained leadership skills and deep-rooted mastery of the real estate sector for the years he has served on the executive council of Boraie development. He leads his management team in developing new investment and expansion strategies that assist the firm to move in the appropriate direction. He also oversees acquisition and partnership deals.

Elijah’s Promise

Sam Boraie aims at improving living standards in New Brunswick by engaging in charitable activities. He is a board member of the State Theatre New Jersey-headquartered anti-hunger organization called Elijah’s Promise. Created in 1989, Elijah’s Promise brings change in New Jersey by donating food to poverty-stricken individuals. The organization prepares highly nutritious and sumptuous meals on a yearly basis. It organizes workshops and trains people on baking and culinary arts. Trained individuals can secure employment opportunities in bakeries and restaurants.

Reference: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sam-boraie#/entity

Equities First Holdings is a business in the United Kingdom that specializes in “unusual” loans. The business provides funds to high net worth individuals against their stock. Clients come to Equities First Holdings for money. They transfer shares to the company, and then the company gives them about 80 percent of the stock’s value. Equities First Holdings returns the stocks to the borrowers when they repay the advance. Customers can get an attractive repayment rate of about 3 to 5 percent. The repayment terms are attractive through this company, as well. Borrowers can pay their loans back over a three-year spread if they so desire.

The People Who Benefit Most

A big time investor may be someone who wants to deal with Equities First Holdings. Such a person may not have the cash on hand to pay for a huge project. A hefty advance may be just what that client needs to start a project. The project may involve purchasing a gigantic piece of land or a chain of businesses.

Why Equities First Holdings Is Different

Other stock lenders do exist in other areas. They provide the loans to people who want to give up their stocks as collateral. The difference between Equities First Holdings and other companies is that they can pay a higher percentage for the stocks, and they can charge a lower interest rate for the loans than other companies do. Those two factors make dealing with this lender extremely attractive. Borrowers are starting to flock toward companies like this because it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to get what they need on credit. The average loan range is between $100,000 to $8 million or more. The company consistently holds tens of millions of dollars in assets on any given day.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a financial company that is comprised of only experts in the financial industry. These experts have decades of life skills and the highest levels of financial education. The industry veterans assist business-minded individuals who want to turn their ideas into profits.


Comparative Law is an academic discipline that entails the comparison of different legal systems, including their constitutive elements. To narrow down, comparative law involves the study of legal systems that exist in the world, including canon law, Islamic law, Hindu law, socialist law, Chinese law, civil law and common law. Montesquieu is regarded as an early founding figure of comparative law due to his comparative approach in chapter III and IX of Book I of his masterpiece. However, Sir Henry Maine, a British jurist and legal historian, is considered the modern founding father of comparative law. In 1861, Sir Henry discussed the connection of ancient law with the early history of society and how it is related to modern ideas in his book, Ancient Law. He discussed comparatively on Eastern and Western legal traditions.

The University of Oxford premiered in establishing comparative law as a course which was taught by Professor Henry Maine. Over the years, internationalism, democratization and economic globalization have increased the importance of comparative law. Several disciplines have distinguished the study into different branches, including comparative administrative law, comparative civil law, comparative constitutional law, comparative criminal law and comparative commercial law. By studying about comparative law, learners are able to understand the existing legal systems. They are also able to improve the legal systems and encourage unification of the same.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law and the former Dean of Berkeley Law. Sujit Choudhry is internationally recognized for his expertise in comparative law and comparative constitutional development. He is an alumnus of Harvard University, University of Toronto, and Oxford University where he graduated with his degrees in law. He worked for Chief Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada as a law clerk. He was Cecilia Goetz Professor of Law at the NYU School of Law. Sujit also served as the Scholl Chair at the Faculty of Law in the University of Toronto.

Sujit Choudhry’s research focuses on basic methodological questions in comparative constitutional law. He has published over 90 articles, working papers, reports and book chapters. Some of his edited collections include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas 2006, The Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law, and The Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation. Sujit Choudhry is the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, the first university-based center in the world that teaches constitutional building. Choudhry has worked as a foreign constitutional expert to support constitutional transitions in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Sri Lanka and Libya among others. He sits on the boards of several organizations, including the editorial board of the Constitutional Court Review in South Africa. See constitutionaltransitions.com related article.


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The Brown Agency is one of the leading agencies for runway and print models in the Austin, TX area.

The company opened in the spring of 2010 and is part of the world-renowned Brown Agency family. The main goal of the agency is to bring large market standards in the city of Austin, which can provide models with opportunities that will help them move their careers forward.

Since the Brown Agency opened, models and talent in Austin have been working for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton and Loreal, as well as thousands of other popular companies. Brown Agency models have also graced the runways for Fashion Week in both Dallas and Austin, Miami Swim Week and even New York Fashion Week. In addition to runway and print modeling, the Brown Agency also represents models who want to promote brands at corporate and marketing events, as well as voiceover and catalog talent. Justin Brown, the agency’s president, asserts that the company is only as good as its talent, which is a testament to the skill and expertise the Brown Agency provides.

Brown asserts that the agency prides itself on working with the best models in the area. The Brown Agency team works diligently to prepare the models for larger markets and teaching talent to deliver professionalism, decorum and reliability for each job.

The Brown Agency website contains a wealth of helpful information for models, as well as details on open calls and how to submit photos. Visit www.brownagency.co for additional information.

Zinio is the largest digital magazine in the marketplace, and Arthur Becker, current Chairman, and CEO is pushing ahead with a very exciting project. Zinio just launched ZINIO PRO, the new Saas-based platform that allows publishers of magazines to create applications for their magazines that are immediately branded and unique. This function is created as an app so it can be instantly distributed to the vast network of Zinio’s distribution partners, according to Becker.

The Saas platform easily converts print magazines to digital by converting PDF formats to XML. This process allows complete control in the transfer of content both in the physical element as well as editing capabilities. It makes content available in all of the popular formats for the smartphone, tablet, and desktop arenas. Thus, data can be readily available in searchable article and content databases in the growing Zinio Pro distribution networks.

Ina report by Fashionista.com, this recent move and others cement the leadership role that Zinio maintains in the digital magazine industry. With the recent addition of Kelly Conlin, coming from NameMedia, as President will help continue the growth and leadership stance that Zinio currently holds.

The digital market space is a dynamic and fast-paced element of today’s publishing world. Readers want all of the most recent trends and perks that exist in the digital world, and Zinio is among the leaders of enabling publishers to stay abreast of all the latest in events and their technological implications.

Zinio, with its online libraries and magazine venues, allows people to be able to read any magazine they desire on any device. Billed as the world’s largest newsstand, the roster of over 5.500 publications which can be available at any time to the subscriber. Zinio is a favorite with travelers because they can access any magazine they wish on any device that is made today.

Zinio currently serves customers in over 200 countries and is the leading distributor of online digital content in the world. Becker intends to continue the trend as more possibilities are in the works as the brand extends its reach.

Becker was most recently Managing Director and Co-Founder of Atlantic Investors, LLC, a private investment and asset management company. For more info, visit his Linked In bio.


In North America, the top provider of healthcare services is InnovaCare. The main avenues through which the company offers its services is through Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid as well as physicians practice. The company has a mission to ensure that all citizens can have access to affordable health care and also ensure quality services are delivered to their patients. They are doing this by adopting business models that are complex so as to meet the challenges that face the industry. Because they are incorporating the use advanced technology, they will accomplish their goals of achieving sustainable medical care.

The company has two Medicare Advantage Plans. The advantage plans include PMC Medicare Choice and the MMM Healthcare. So far they have more than 200,000 clients based in Puerto Rico. They also have more than 7,500 service providers to ensure that they meet the growing demand of people who need healthcare. They have care plans that are well-co-ordinated so as to make sure they provide a broad range of coverage. There is need to know what InnovaCare Health has done so as to be able to succeed in a sector that requires a lot of concentration.

First, InnovaCare has the right leadership. InnovaCare is led by people who have been in the industry and know what should be done so as to excel. The leaders behind the success of InnovaCare are none other than Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. They are the people who have kept the company running smoothly and achieving success on ideamensch.com. One may wonder what the two have done so as to guarantee quality healthcare to patients. Rick is the President and also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He works with other physicians who are qualified and passionate about what they do in life.

Dr. Shinto is one of the best leaders because of the experience that he has in management. He began his career from a humble background and rose through the ranks to hold executive positions on BizJournals in various companies. It is because of his hard work and dedication that he rose through the ranks to be at the top. Not many have the patient that it takes to get you to a top position. His experience and resume on Crunchbase are what has attracted companies to appoint him.

He works with Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the Chief Administration Officer of the enterprise. Both of them have a vast experience having worked in the industry for more than twenty years. Penelope Kokkinides has the same experience as Rick Shinto, and that is the firm leadership that has enabled InnovaCare to be at the top. She has been working for the company since 2015. Penelope Kokkinides went to Binghamton University where she earned a B.S in Biological Sciences. She also went to New York University and received her master’s degree.