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The Generosity of Dick DeVos

The Generosity of Dick DeVos

The DeVos family is a large family that currently resides in Michigan that is not only known for the family’s success within the world of business, but is also a company that is known for their many donations and volunteering to organizations across the United States that have all benefited immensely from their many contributions. Of the many members of the DeVos family, Dick DeVos is a member of the family who is dedicated to spreading the legacy of the family and who is dedicated to making sure that the name of DeVos is a remembered name for many generations to come.


Even before Dick DeVos entered a formal institution to be educated, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to become a businessman and that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, Richard DeVos. Dick DeVos earned his degree in economics from Boston College and continued on to become an official employee for Amway Corporation where he was able to work his way to the top to work in many executive positions for the company. During his time at Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos worked as not only the vice president of international sales, but also became the CEO of the company where he inspired countless individuals to truly want to make something great with Amway Corporation.


Dick DeVos is a strong leader who has always been inspired by his father and what his father has done to countless communities with regards to the many donations that he has made to communities across the United States. Dick DeVos admires his father and has continued to follow his father’s path to become a philanthropist who is known for his generosity. Dick DeVos believes that success is not only attributed to how much wealth has been accumulated, but that it is also attributed to what is done with the money and who it has helped.


Dick DeVos, like his father, has given millions of dollars in donations to worthy organizations and charities across the United States. One of the initiatives that Dick DeVos is the most passionate about is to change the education system and to offer education to individuals based upon merit and not based upon the income of the family. Dick DeVos believes that education is the key to economic growth and is the key to bring individuals across the world out of extreme poverty that has hurt so many.