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Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes a Name for Herself in Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes a Name for Herself in Texas

A lot of patients that are in need of plastic surgery are discovering that Austin has one of the best plastic surgeons in all of Texas. She has managed to create a lot buzz for herself before she even came back to Austin while she practiced in Manhattan. Dr. Jennifer Walden returned from Manhattan to Austin to raise a family and build a new practice. Texans that are looking for a plastic surgeon to provide tummy tucks, breast augmentation and Derma-fillers will appreciate her move back to Texas.


What has made Dr. Jennifer Walden such a hot surgeon in the world of plastic surgery is her sincere dedication for knowing all that she can possibly learn about her craft. She has managed to become a strong plastic surgery leader that is using some of the most advanced technology to provide the best experiences for her patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also the co-author of a textbook that has a becoming an award-winning publication on plastic surgery. This is an example of her dedication to building a strong resume as an authority on plastic surgery.


Her work is shown on her website in “before and after” pictures for patients. Her website shows the type of cosmetic procedures that she performs for patients. This gives patients the ability to see the extent in which she is able to enhance certain areas of the body.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has appeared in local magazines like Austin MD, and she has also appeared in other magazines like Vogue, In Style, Life & Style, Health and Cosmopolitan. She has also been seen on television on the CBS Early Show and Fox News. Walden is called upon often to speak on plastic surgery and the different type of technology that is now being used for certain procedures. Dr. Walden has shown people that she has the ability to stay connected to her patients and still provide an excellent experience even in the midst of all the media spotlights that are on her. She has become one of the best beauty surgeons in America.


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