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Politics And Human Rights Don’t Mix for Thor Halvorssen

Politics And Human Rights Don’t Mix for Thor Halvorssen

The Venezuelan born human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has spent the last few years leading the activism community as he has looked to change the way the world views activists as a whole. Many different groups have become involved in human rights and look to change the way people around the world live their lives, but for Thor Halvorssen the need to identify every single human rights violation and violator has put him in opposition to many of those with a longer history in the human rights activism world.

Thor Halvorssen does not believe that political ideologies should play a role in how a government or political leader is viewed in terms of the loss of human rights; the New York based film producer decided he should publicize the human rights violations committed by socialist governments in South and Central America alongside those committed in Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. As the work of Thor Halvorssen has grown in standing he has seen a greater level of support for his work, which has also seen the founder of the Human Rights Foundation explain he does not believe the activists who ignore left leaning human rights violators are not continuing their work in the correct way.

Despite his aristocratic background, Thor Halvorssen has explained he is a classical liberal in his personal political beliefs and went so far as to save a socialist newspaper in Norway from closure in the early years of the 21st century. The political workld holds little interest for Thor aside from the help that can be found in fighting for the human rights of people in closed societies. Although Thor has been an outspoken critic of the socialist governments of the human rights records of Cuba and Venezuela he strongly defended the former Democrat candidate for President Bernie Sanders and his socialist ideals during a TV appearance in the U.S.