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The DeVos family is a large family that currently resides in Michigan that is not only known for the family’s success within the world of business, but is also a company that is known for their many donations and volunteering to organizations across the United States that have all benefited immensely from their many contributions. Of the many members of the DeVos family, Dick DeVos is a member of the family who is dedicated to spreading the legacy of the family and who is dedicated to making sure that the name of DeVos is a remembered name for many generations to come.


Even before Dick DeVos entered a formal institution to be educated, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to become a businessman and that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, Richard DeVos. Dick DeVos earned his degree in economics from Boston College and continued on to become an official employee for Amway Corporation where he was able to work his way to the top to work in many executive positions for the company. During his time at Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos worked as not only the vice president of international sales, but also became the CEO of the company where he inspired countless individuals to truly want to make something great with Amway Corporation.


Dick DeVos is a strong leader who has always been inspired by his father and what his father has done to countless communities with regards to the many donations that he has made to communities across the United States. Dick DeVos admires his father and has continued to follow his father’s path to become a philanthropist who is known for his generosity. Dick DeVos believes that success is not only attributed to how much wealth has been accumulated, but that it is also attributed to what is done with the money and who it has helped.


Dick DeVos, like his father, has given millions of dollars in donations to worthy organizations and charities across the United States. One of the initiatives that Dick DeVos is the most passionate about is to change the education system and to offer education to individuals based upon merit and not based upon the income of the family. Dick DeVos believes that education is the key to economic growth and is the key to bring individuals across the world out of extreme poverty that has hurt so many.


There are many external factors that exist today that create an unnatural pressure on our lungs, such as smoking, pollution, vaping, outdoor work environment, and so on. These factors damage our lungs in the long run, even if the effects are not immediately visible. The world has transformed in this pace for modernization, and it has changed the environment as well as our lifestyle, and it has brought along many disadvantages for our health. In the case of lungs, the problem is even worse, because once the lungs are damaged; it is more or less irreversible. Moreover, the treatment for lungs and its prognosis has remained unchanged for many years, with little or no sign of improvement seen in most of the cases.

Habits such as cigarette smoking or exposure to industrial gas waste in factories or other industrial conditions can cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which has over 24 million victims in the United States alone. This disease chokes the nasal passage and restricts the airflow, causing breathing problems, fatigue, weakness, neurological problems, and range of other associated symptoms for the patient. In advanced stages, COPD is even known to cause a fatality and to keep such a consequence at bay; many people are looking at alternative treatment options. One of the most popular and effective treatment in this regard is through stem cell therapy.

The Lung Institute, based in Tampa is the leader in providing treatment for the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Starting from its inception in 2013 till now, The Lung Institute has treated over 3,000 patients and continued to care and treat hundreds more. LifeStylesAfter50 explains how the Institute carefully analyze the situation of the patient by running various tests and after that, design a treatment course including stem cell extracted from the blood or bone marrow of the patient.

According to Cedars-sinai, stem cell treatment is known to be much more effective because it helps the lung to heal from within, and The Lung Institute after carrying out years of research on the matter has provided substantial results in how it can help COPD patients, http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/33635903/copd-patients-are-saying-yes-to-stem-cells-at-the-lung-institute-in-tampa. The Lung Institute has a pool of experienced thoracic surgeons, physicians, stem cell experts and other medical professionals who aim at healing your lung condition and improve your overall quality of life. For more information, visit lunginstitute.com.


Desiree Perez; Who else has had Jay-Z himself shout her out in his music, negotiated both Rihanna and Beyonce stadium tours, and has a reputation as a fierce negotiator and business woman? A ROC Nation executive, trusted, longtime Hova associate, and wife of “OG” Juan Perez, Desiree has been putting in work her whole life for many different faces of the Roc Nation brand, but most recently has dedicated herself to pulling in exclusive five star artist plays for Roc Nation’s music streaming service, Tidal. With her experience pulling through rough negotiations in the music industry, Jay really couldn’t have picked anyone better to enlist to ensure the success of Tidal.



Part of Jay-Z’s circle of influence including, Chaka Pilgrim, TyTy Smith, Jay Brown, Jana Fleischman, and her husband Juan Perez, Dez has a long history assisting Sean Carter in making the calls that would make the Roc Nation brand what it is today. In her role as a Tidal executive, however, Desiree has revitalized the music streaming app founded by Jay that in its original inception was struggling against streaming giants like Spotify and Pandora. Today, Tidal has seen a massive influx of users and that increase is due greatly to the brilliant recruiting and marketing strategies put into effect by Dez herself.




In 2016, Beyonce had a massive hit with her mysterious ‘Lemonade’ album when its emotional content and compilation video album gave fans an intimate look into the lives of hip-hop royalty, Bey and Jay. Anyone who’s followed the progression of Beyonce’s career understands that the supreme marketing that went into Lemonade led to the album’s incredible successes. The mastermind behind the album and visual album’s brilliant marketing movement, as well as the corresponding Formation tour, was none other than Desiree Perez herself. At this time, rumor has it Dez is in private talks with Prince’s estate to access the vault of songs left behind by the late artist.


Music streaming services are big business. Millions of dollars are made with these businesses. It is no secret that Tidal is the underdog in the industry, but exec Desiree Perez is trying to desperately change that.  Just click in here for the full article


All of this more than showcases the sharp business and marketing mind of Desiree Perez. Tidal’s move forward with Desiree as an executive has not only proved lucrative for the company but has shown Jay-Z’s ability to make leadership decisions on who he entrusts to run the individual facets of Roc Nation. As a boss business woman, Desiree has taken on Tidal’s reins and directed the streaming service in a direction that was once thought impossible by those in the industry.




AXA is a French multinational insurance company. The company engages in global insurance services, investment management and provision of various financial services. The group offers its services to various corners of the world including the Middle East, Asia Pacific region, Western Europe and some parts of Africa. Therefore, the firm is operated under different rules and regulations of multiple countries hence making the company a conglomerate of independently run businesses.

The name AXA is not an acronym. Claude Bebear, the chairman and the CEO of the company at the time wanted a name that would be pronounced the same in multiple languages. The company adopted the AXA name in 1985. Originally when the firm was founded in 1819, it acquired the name Ancienne Mutuelle.

In the United States, the company excels through subsidiaries such as AXA Financial, AXA Equitable life insurance, US Financial among others. In Gulf, the company runs its business under AXA Cooperative Insurance and AXA insurance Gulf which is the largest insurance across Gulf. As noted above, the company has various subsidiaries in different parts of the world including Mexico, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

AXA also plays a significant role in corporate social responsibility by giving back to the communities and also by running non-profit projects. The organization plays a significant role by offering continuous protection of the society in a rapidly developing and changing world. In 2008, AXA Research Fund was established. The project provides support for research conducted on ways to prevent the risks threatening the society, human as well as the environment. Within three years, the project had supported over 256 primary research projects. The 256 projects funded are currently implanted in over 22 countries across the world.

Vinny Parascandola is the senior executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC. Vinny, who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry is responsible for strategic development, recruiting, sales and also the productivity of new and experienced professionals.

Vinny holds Bachelors of Science degree earned from Pace University. He began his career in 1987 and in 2004, he joined AXA Advisors. He has excellent leadership skills and has received numerous management awards.

A Personal Matter

Thor Halvorssen has lived a difficult life. Born in Venezuela, he has experienced oppression directly and understands toll it can have on people. Over the years, he has seen family members arrested fo speaking out against the Venezuelan government including his cousins and his father. A particularly heinous act was committed against Halvorssen when he witnessed the death of his mother, Hilda Mendoza, at the hands of supporters of the Hugo Chavez regime. Halvorssen wants to make sure this oppression comes to an end, and here’s how he plants to do it.11)

Spreading The Message

As a political activist, Halvorssen’s most successful efforts are placed towards encouraging others to take action against oppression. Even the most vicious dictatorship cannot exist without the will of the people on some level. To encourage people to stand up to their own governments, he frequently produces documentaries displaying the shady behavior common in many oppressive governments. This activism has even endangered his life at times, such as his trip to Vietnam that ended in an arrest. Eventually, Halvorssen was able to convince the authorities to release him.

Connecting The World

Fighting oppression is an inherently global process. Oppressed people cannot create open societies without the help of those who already live in open societies. To help bring awareness to those living in the developed world, Halvorssen created the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation often accomplishes its goals by serving as an advocate for those who have fallen victim to dictatorships. A recent example of this was the organization’s support for political prisoners in Venezuela. Halvorssen made sure their names were released to the general public and has gathered support for their plight from abroad.

Taking One For The Team

The success of Halvorssen’s activism comes at a personal cost. He has experienced backlash from some authoritarian regimes for the efforts he put forth to fight them. Despite this backlash, he refuses to stop fighting for the people who need him. He understands all too well what happens when no one takes a stand.


A lot of patients that are in need of plastic surgery are discovering that Austin has one of the best plastic surgeons in all of Texas. She has managed to create a lot buzz for herself before she even came back to Austin while she practiced in Manhattan. Dr. Jennifer Walden returned from Manhattan to Austin to raise a family and build a new practice. Texans that are looking for a plastic surgeon to provide tummy tucks, breast augmentation and Derma-fillers will appreciate her move back to Texas.


What has made Dr. Jennifer Walden such a hot surgeon in the world of plastic surgery is her sincere dedication for knowing all that she can possibly learn about her craft. She has managed to become a strong plastic surgery leader that is using some of the most advanced technology to provide the best experiences for her patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also the co-author of a textbook that has a becoming an award-winning publication on plastic surgery. This is an example of her dedication to building a strong resume as an authority on plastic surgery.


Her work is shown on her website in “before and after” pictures for patients. Her website shows the type of cosmetic procedures that she performs for patients. This gives patients the ability to see the extent in which she is able to enhance certain areas of the body.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has appeared in local magazines like Austin MD, and she has also appeared in other magazines like Vogue, In Style, Life & Style, Health and Cosmopolitan. She has also been seen on television on the CBS Early Show and Fox News. Walden is called upon often to speak on plastic surgery and the different type of technology that is now being used for certain procedures. Dr. Walden has shown people that she has the ability to stay connected to her patients and still provide an excellent experience even in the midst of all the media spotlights that are on her. She has become one of the best beauty surgeons in America.


Read more about Jennifer Walden:


The Lung Institute is a research facility designed to fill the missing links with stem cell medicated capabilities. This institute is a key tool for people who have been diagnosed with life-threatening conditions such as COPD, emphysema, lung disease, and pulmonary fibrosis just to name a few. The Lung Institute helps these patients by not only offering treatment plans but also blood and bone marrow treatments. But how do these treatment plans work in conjunction to stem cell research?

While being treated by the Lung Institute, patients undergo a tri-stage process which includes removing stem cells from the body during the blood and bone marrow treatments. How does this tri-stage process work?

  • A sample of stem cells is extracted from the patient
  • The stem cells are separated from each other for extensive research
  • The repaired cells are placed into the patient to concentrate on healing the infectious areas

Believe it or not, the treatment starts within a few heartbeats. After the stem cells are placed in the patient’s blood stream, the cells are pushed through the heart and into each lung. From there on, the real treatment begins.

As of today according to lunginstitute.com, there are only 5 states that qualify for the Lung Institute’s stem cell treatment plan. These states include Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburg, and Dallas. However, even if the patient is accepted in the program a multitude of factors contribute to the success of treatment such as the current stage of condition and what treatment plans have already been conducted.

Even though people have questioned the Lung Institute’s lack of scientific evidence there are hundreds of reviews of patients that have not only benefited from the program but recommend it to other people. And the company has just recently celebrated its 1000th patient to successfully benefit from the program.

To schedule a free consultation, contact the Lung Institute on Twitter. Innovative medicine and treatments are available. Read the patients’ testimonials here: https://lunginstitute.com/testimonials/.


Democrats have a reason to smile. The reemergence of George Soros seems to be working in their favor. The multi-billionaire hasn’t been into politics since 2004. Then, he was fighting to see to it that the former president, George W. Bush, didn’t win the elections. He did this by funding the campaigns of the opponents at http://time.com/4581137/george-soros-donald-trump-hate-crime-minorities-election/. He spent over $27 million during that period. Since then, the businessman has been on the low on matters of politics, until now. As the 2016 elections edge closer, Soros is re-emerging. His support for the Democrats is clear by the way he is spending money on their campaign.

Until now, George Soros has donated and pledged over $25 million for the Democrats. Most of the funds have gone to Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ presidential candidate. Other Democratic candidates have also benefited from Soros’ donations. This is according to the Democratic fundraising operatives. Associates of the wealthy investor have suggested that Soros is expected to pump in more funds as the D-day approaches. Soros got his wealth by undertaking risky currency trades. The trades earned him an alleged $24.9 billion.

Part of the reason that Soros is supporting Clinton is because the two have been allies for over 20 years. Soros had eve planned to attend the Democratic convention, an event that would see Clinton being officially crowned as the preferred Democratic presidential candidate. He, however, didn’t attend the event. Sources close to Soros state that the businessman was caught up analyzing and monitoring Europe’s financial situation, since he had gone back to active trading.

What makes Soros’ comeback quite noticeable is the fact he seems rejuvenated, and is giving the political scene all the attention he can. This is unlike the other years. Those close to him explain this by stating that, his commitment to the democrats is due to his unshakable faith in Hillary Clinton. What makes the commitment even deeper is the fact that, Soros has been known to be Trump’s rival for long. He, at some point, even compared the way Trump stoked fear to his employees to work of ISIS. Michael Vachon, Soros’ advisor, also conquers that his boss has been active politically. Vachon states that Soros’ spending has been exceptionally high this time. He, however, states that the reason to this is that, Trump’s ideologies don’t conquer with what Soros stands for.

The Venezuelan born human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has spent the last few years leading the activism community as he has looked to change the way the world views activists as a whole. Many different groups have become involved in human rights and look to change the way people around the world live their lives, but for Thor Halvorssen the need to identify every single human rights violation and violator has put him in opposition to many of those with a longer history in the human rights activism world.

Thor Halvorssen does not believe that political ideologies should play a role in how a government or political leader is viewed in terms of the loss of human rights; the New York based film producer decided he should publicize the human rights violations committed by socialist governments in South and Central America alongside those committed in Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. As the work of Thor Halvorssen has grown in standing he has seen a greater level of support for his work, which has also seen the founder of the Human Rights Foundation explain he does not believe the activists who ignore left leaning human rights violators are not continuing their work in the correct way.

Despite his aristocratic background, Thor Halvorssen has explained he is a classical liberal in his personal political beliefs and went so far as to save a socialist newspaper in Norway from closure in the early years of the 21st century. The political workld holds little interest for Thor aside from the help that can be found in fighting for the human rights of people in closed societies. Although Thor has been an outspoken critic of the socialist governments of the human rights records of Cuba and Venezuela he strongly defended the former Democrat candidate for President Bernie Sanders and his socialist ideals during a TV appearance in the U.S.