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Most people don’t give much thought towards cyber-security beyond the basic firewall on our computer. The more judicious might run a full scan occasionally, or look through and uninstall programs they don’t recognize. Overall, cyber-security is taken for granted until it fails. OneLogin wants to change that.

OneLogin is a corporate cyber-security service based in San Francisco that aims to raise awareness about how vulnerable corporate data can be. They offer a variety of services that best suits the customer, and flexible in terms of scale and coverage. They also aim to make cyber security simpler, and allow everyone to understand the real benefits of a solid security system.

They recently released an article (found here) on their blog that used Game of Thrones to outline major holes in most companies’ approach to cyber-security. The article specifically points out zombie accounts, a lack of awareness, and need for baseline knowledge in every employee. Zombie accounts are accounts left active by ex-employees. These accounts allow a basic level of access to data, especially if the employee leaves for a rival. It’s important that companies make sure to sweep periodically for these accounts, or as the Night’s watch does, burn the bodies. OneLogin has also found a staggering portion of board members and CEO’s who don’t consider cyber-security a priority. It’s important to keep cyber security in mind, so the appropriate resources are allocated. The last point is also the most important. Companies can have top notch security teams and systems, but every employee needs to have a baseline level of knowledge to make data truly secure. A security team and system only cover so much ground. Every employee needs to have the knowledge to avoid basic scams, keep passwords secure, and avoid sharing crucial information.

OneLogic is not the first, or the last to explain complex topics with popular culture. Nonetheless, the article is clear and concise. The article covers major points and uses comparisons that casual viewers can understand. Most importantly, it demystifies cyber-security and shows the value and the importance of cyber-security.

Learn more about OneLogin:


One of the ironies of retirement is that the people who have diligently saved the most amount of money for it are generally the ones who are most reluctant to spend what they have saved. David Giertz, a registered investment advisor, says that he often comes across people who have a really hard time transitioning from carefully saving their money to actually using that money in retirement to pay for bills and enjoy their lives.

David Giertz offers his advice which is that you should enjoy your retirement and you can do so responsibly when talking about your finances. Create a budget that is sustainable and live on the money that you had earmarked for spending once you stopped working. He recognizes that flipping that switch from saving to spending is a hard one but he says that was the entire purpose of saving and investing the money to begin with. He says that retired people who saved over the course of their careers have more than earned the right to have entertainment and joy in their lives and they shouldn’t let their fear of spending money get in the way. As long as you’re responsible about the spending it’s ok, he says.

David Giertz has spent his entire career in the financial industry, helping people save for retirement as well as the other financial goals they may have. He also has developed and offered insurance products in case things go wrong such as life insurance. Additionally, he has advised clients on how annuities can fit their individualized needs.

As an executive in the financial industry, David Giertz most recently was a president at Nationwide Financial. He led this company’s sales and distribution division and under his leadership he grew that divisions value from $11 billion to almost $18 billion.

There are certainly going to be a lot of people that are benefiting from what a company like Talkspace has to offer. This has become one of the hottest New York based companies around. It is truly giving people the chance to see how therapy can help them, but it presents people with the ability to get therapy in a non-conventional way. It is definitely something that is trendy because therapy through texting is incredibly unique.

There are therapists like Alicia Winkle that are part of the Talkspace family. These are licensed therapists that have the ability to provide people with help on issues that they may be too embarrassed to discuss with others. Alicia Winkle is someone that knows about many different mental health issues, and she takes great pride in helping those that are having these types of issues.

Winkle has stated that a lot of the passion that she has from the work that she has done comes with seeing the progress that her patients are making. There are certainly going to be a lot of patients that are interested in getting help, and Winkle likes to witness her clients getting better. She has spoken about how they are thankful for the help that they received and they make this known by telling her that they are thankful for her service.

There are a plethora of people that have personality disorders, and it takes someone like Alicia Winkle to help them see where they are having issues in their lives. There are times when Alicia Winkle may be helping those people that are actually married or working with a person with a personality disorder. Sometimes the counseling is needed for those people that have to connect daily with people that have personality disorders. Talkspace helps these people.

Saying that the world moves fast is an understatement.

Things change at the pace of what seems like overnight.

That’s why we here at NexBank are working to catch you up. We’ve got to get you up-to-par and with technology. We do that as your local bank provider.

The transformation of society is a process that involves the latest access.

What this means is that computers are such a large part of day-to-day activities that we couldn’t provide you banking services without them. Computers help us shortcut processes, improve safety and then be more creative with services.

Let NexBank Set The Stage For Digital Management

You might not be fully clear on the necessity of tech and it components.

The good news is that banking with NexBank online is already a complete package. Your education doesn’t have to increase, and you don’t need any special abilities to use this great and outstanding option.

What you do need is an account with NexBank.

We can get you started, but there are things you should know.

When NexBank put together its online access, we did so with an understanding of the adjustment you’re undoubtedly going to make. The fact is, banking means nothing if you’re not provided with a complete scope of protection, management and easy access.

NexBank strives for its customers to achieve goals and not just an open account.

Your Benefits For Catching Up To Technology

One of the ways NexBank stands out is with digital services that has a local appeal.

Our banking is not only designed to be a part of the modern world. NexBank has strategically designed its operations, its services and mission statement to achieve the needs of a local community and the people in it.

Welcome to the bank of the next generation.

Drew Madden recently grabbed the headlines by launching Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Mr. Madden, who previously served as Nordic President, deemed it necessary to form the healthcare IT Company that precisely focuses on advisory services, implementation, and specialization of HCIT applications. As a seasoned Healthcare IT entrepreneur, Madden possesses that unique ability to identify and build a high caliber workforce that focuses on forging trusted client partnerships and an attractive culture.

Before founding Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Madden was widely known for serving as an effective president for Nordic Consulting Partners. While at the helm, Madden is credited with developing Nordic into a leading Epic consulting entity specializing in a diverse range of services such as consultancy and implementation services. During his five-year tenure as President, Madden is credited with growing Nordic into a continental entity with over $130 million in annual revenues. More importantly, he also played a significant role raising the labor force from 10 to 725 workers while also building up the client partner list to 150.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners in Brief

Evergreen Healthcare Partners is widely considered to be a leading healthcare IT expert to their customers countrywide. In essence, the first step initially begins with developing an idea that matters to make a difference to the people around you. According to reliable information, the company’s decades of experience have enabled it to identify the right opportunities based on skill sets, goals, and preferences essential in creating a formidable partnership.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners’ Company Mission

Evergreen Healthcare Partners strives to offer implementation and advisory services courtesy of its groundbreaking technology and multiple HER platforms. In a nutshell, the company’s goal lies in empowering team members to progress in their careers while also partnering with different healthcare organizations.

Drew Madden’s Profile

With over a decade worth of experience and knowledge, Drew Madden has become adept at advising, managing, optimizing, and implementing EMR projects. His unique ability to combine his experience and technical EMR background is second to none. Drew Madden is an alumnus of Iowa College of Engineering with a BSE in Industrial Engineering and a keen focus on Medical Systems.

Retail e-commerce is one of the most lucrative sectors today. Over the years, online shopping is slowly being transformed by scientific and Artificial intelligence breakthroughs by opening doors for lots of data to be leveraged in the retailing market. Many e-commerce businesses have adopted various forms of AI to have a better understanding of their customers, generating new leads and providing an improved customer experience. Here are a few applications of AI-E-commerce personalization.


Boosts personalization across different devices


Machine learning and Artificial intelligence technologies create a new level of personalization that is penetrating fast in the e-commerce world. This is because AI based personalization takes a multi-channel approach. There are novel AI engines that interact with multiple customer points to assist businesses in analyzing how customers interact when online. AI E-commerce personalization engines will continuously monitor all channels and devices to develop a universal customer view. This way, retailers can offer a seamless client experience across all virtual platforms.


Improves customer interactions


Most consumers get annoyed when brands continuously rely on old strategies of generic ad messages. Retailers can prevent this customer fatigue and drive their e-commerce sales by utilizing Artificial intelligence techniques such as Machine Learning and Data mining. These techniques help retailers understand how each customer wants to be reached and at what frequency. AI techniques help marketers to effectively communicate with prospective consumers at the right place, time and with a more conducive offer.


Concierge as a Service


Consumer needs are evolving rapidly, and retailers are really struggling to keep up. Brands that want to survive must execute use of chat boots as part of their business strategies. Chat boots provide retailers with the ability to interact with consumers in real time and learn their needs so that they can deliver specified prescriptive guidance and results. AI has improved technology by enabling conversational commerce. Retailers can use data mining to get information regarding the customer and create a personalized interaction that will help you close sales with consumers.


Utilize intelligent agents


Intelligent agent negotiation systems are increasingly becoming a popular tool in e-commerce. Automated agents help businesses by matching the buyers and sellers, providing institutional infrastructure and facilitating transactions. Intelligent agents are fully automated, and they have full control of their actions. This form of AI is brilliant and useful for e-commerce as these agents have their own communication language and can even set their targets and ways of achieving them.


Artificial intelligence is a tremendous tool that helps retailers to maximize their sales potential. Use of AI techniques gives retailers a competitive advantage that offers complete visibility on the products being offered in the market. These cutting-edge techniques of E-commerce personalization put the retailers in a perfect position to make planning decisions, specific assortment and track the business impact of all their actions.

When George Soros is the topic of conversation, investing is usually a by-product of that conversation. Soros is a legend in the hedge fund world. George built a democratic platform from his hedge fund success, and now that platform is under attack in Hungary and George Soros’s lacrosse camp. The platform is the Open Society Foundation, founded by Soros in 1979. The Soros Foundation is instrumental in bringing democracy to the forefront in countries that have no freedom or human rights. Mr. Soros and his Open Society Foundation are changing the political face of the planet by supporting organizations that stand up to governments that rule by force, intimidation, and torture. George Soros is not afraid to spend his vast fortune to bring down the governments that abuse human rights and the $12 billion he has given the Open Society Foundation over the last 38 years is a testament to his determination.

George Soros is a good example of a man who went through the agony of political and social upheaval and lived to tell about it. When he was 14-years-old, George was living in chaos, thanks to the Nazi occupation of Hungary. He was fortunate enough to have a father that knew how to get him out of the country. Soros began a new life in London, and it didn’t take him long to discover he needed a job and  what George Soros knows. He was a waiter for a few years, but he was smart enough to be apply to the London School of Economics. George got in, and he began his work as a philosophy student. One philosophy became a way of life for him. Karl Popper’s open society concept immediately hit a nerve in Soros, and his mission in life became crystal clear. George knew he could help people in Hungary and Eastern European countries by following and expanding the teachings of Popper. An open society is a society that respects human rights, has democratic governance and has open freedom of expression and what George Soros knows.

But the George Soros that most people hear about is the man who broke the Bank of England in the 1990s. And the man who is one of the best investors in the world. He is also the man who gave Hillary Clinton $12 million to beat Donald Trump in 2016. Even though Clinton didn’t win, George is still a major Democratic donor and financial advisor smf and learn more information click here.

The Hungarian government doesn’t like George Soros. He may be Hungarian by birth, but Soros doesn’t like what the current Hungarian government is doing to the people of Hungary. The leaders of the Hungarian government know Soros is a threat. They are trying to stop him from spreading a democracy and equal rights in their country. The best way to do that is to undermine the importance of the Central European University and the critical thinkers that attend that school. But the Hungarians may be in for a surprise. Soros never gives up and he never stops fighting for freedom and democracy and  Follow his Twitter.com.

More Visit:  https://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros

David spent most of his childhood in North East of Iowa, and he studied and graduated in the Iowa State University in the year 1987. He was awarded the Wallace E. Barron senior award and obtained a bachelor’s degree in animal science. After graduating, he started his career with the OSI group in Chicago and worked hard until he merited his present position as president of OSI industries. He also plays the role of the chief operating officer. He once served as project manager of OSI industries and played the role of independent director of the Marfrig Global Food.

David has contributed greatly to the success of OSI group. He made his way into the company in the late 1980’s, soon after his graduation from the Iowa University. His commitment to excellence warranted his appointment as president of the company. David also works as a COO of OSI and directs an operation of this organization in Australia.

As president, one of the responsibilities accorded to David is setting strategies for the company. He has facilitated the easy coordination of activities among global logistics members and the local operations. This ensures that the products offered are up to date and meet up the expectations of consumers globally. He is optimistic that the OSI market expansion will yield positive results for them. Among the strategies that David set, is initiating new operations and purchasing food processing industries in certain places.

David stated that OSI purchased Baho, in August 2016, as one of its plan to increase its market existence. This was a great benefit since the items manufactured by Baho would complement OSI’s products. David has overseen the establishment of global networks with teams within the organization and other firms globally. He ensures that every member of the various groups’ have the necessary knowledge of the tastes and preferences of their local clients. David believes that delivery of more goods depends on much more than the quantity produced.

In the year 1992, David steered the OSI company to put up the first processing plant in Beijing. This plant from that time henceforth has been known to provide the best meat for the Chinese consumers. With David spearheading the entire operation, OSI group were given the contract to solely supply meat to people present for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. For more info about us: http://www.osigroup.com/news/ click here.

David was well known for giving impeccable advice to the OSI group. He was greatly involved in the OSI’s decision to give over 252000 pounds of meat to North American organizations. This donation was used to help the less fortunate Americans who would not afford food.Despite the fact that OSI is international in its activities David has established domestic team managers who facilitate efficiency and sensitivity to local cultures and customs.

Greg Secker has a unique philosophy of life that suits his personality well and it can be summed up with the phrase “why not”. That’s his typical response when setting out with a new endeavor in mind. A good example of this is his Flying Trader initiative that draws attention to a charity that he supports and it illustrates his precept that you can make money anywhere. What a creative way to draw attention to a worthy cause and it shows his derring-do in a fun way.

The fact that Greg Secker wears many hats such as a master trader, philanthropist and international speaker speaks volumes regarding the fact that he’s making a serious effort to have a positive impact on the world. He’s also proof that keeping an open mind can pay great dividends such as when he changed course and didn’t pursue a career in his chosen field of study which was Agriculture and Food Sciences.

A chance encounter at a job fair led to a position with Thomas Cook Financial Services and he helped build a Virtual Trading Desk which became the first online trading platform for currencies. This allowed him to learn the strategies that top currency traders employed and this led to his own successful career trading foreign exchange. After Secker made a substantial amount of money in the markets, he retired for a short time and found the easy life wasn’t for him.

A new career as a seminar speaker was next for Greg Secker and he was inspired by some of the top speakers of the day. People like Tony Robbins, Dr. John Demartini, and Jack Canfield inspired him to develop a seminar that would inspire currency traders and help others achieve financial independence. What a wonderful way to give back and help others realize their potential.

The Greg Secker Foundation is another way that he stays engaged with the world and its focus is philanthropy. Its original goal was to empower young people by helping them get off to a good start in life. It gave them guidance on many important life issues such as health, wealth, relationships, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Perhaps Secker’s biggest contribution to improving the lives of others is his world-class trading education that he provides with his company Learn To Trade. He has literally helped thousands upon thousands of people learn how to successfully trade the currency markets and it’s another way that he pays it forward.

When it comes to the credit and equity sector, James Dondero is a force to be reckoned with. He has been in this industry for more than three decades. Among his achievements is being a pioneer in the Collateralized Loan Obligation, also known as CLO. Many people recognize him for the important role he plays at Highland Capital Management where he is the president and co-founder. Under his able leadership, Highland Capital Management has continued to offer both products and solutions to various institutions and retail investors. For this reason, the institutions have won numerous awards. Mr. James Dondero basically oversees all the operations and strategies of Highland Capital.

During his illustrious career at Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has managed to specialize in alternative investment management. For starters, this is a field that has helped him specialize in distressed investment funds, structured investment as well as hedge funds. With these skills, James Dondero has managed to invest in structured products, high-yield bonds and leveraged loans. During his time in business, James Dondero has managed to expand his business beyond the Dallas, Texas headquarters. At the moment, Highland Capital Management has other offices in Singapore, London, and New York City. At the moment, James Dondero manages a hedge fund worth $18.7 billion. Through HCM, James Dondero is an equal employer as he currently employees over 100 people. His success may be attributed to the education that he received as a young man. For his undergraduate degree, James Dondero studied at the University of Virginia. At the same time, he holds various certifications such as chartered financial analyst and chartered managerial accountant. He studied finance and accounting at the university.

Before establishing Highland Capital Management, James Dondero used to work for Protective Life. He managed to grow the business to a $2 billion company in a period of four years. James worked for this institution between 1989 and 1993. To fully engage with his clients, James Dondero has maintained a social media presence. He can be found on Twitter, Facebook as well as LinkedIn. Beyond entrepreneurship and business, James Dondero is very active in giving back to the society.