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A Matter of a Lawsuit

A Matter of a Lawsuit

The Atlanta Hawks Baseball and Entertainment LLC, former owning group of NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, are suing the New Hampshire Insurance Company for failing to finalize concerning the settlement of client former Hawks’ manager, Danny Ferry. AHBE, led by Bruce Levenson, have already sold the franchise to an investment group led by Tony Ressler. The suit, which in no way involves Ressler’s group, charges NHIC for breach of contract and bad faith. AHBE has long used NHIC for employment purposes and fully believed that they covered losses related to employment practices.

Ferry was bought out of the Hawks’ franchise for on June 22, 2015 and Fessler’s group bought the franchise on June 24 of the same year. A spokesperson for Fessler’s group has officially announced to the ESPN press that since they are in no way connected to the lawsuit, they know of no details whatsoever. In fact, few parties outside of those involved know very many details at all since the amount of the claim has been classified as confidential. What is known is that the lawsuit primarly involves NHIC’s failure to acknowledge the claim at all.

That means they did not participate in any way during the event surrounding the dealings with Ferry. This despite the fact that NHIC is by the terms of the agreement clearly obligated to redeem the claim. The lawsuit shows that they have no grounds whatsoever in being justified in ignoring it. Barnes & Thornburg LLP, the law firm representing AHBE in this matter, as part of the suit is seeking 50% penalty for the unpaid loss and the additional legal fees. NHIC has not commented on any of this. Levenson, the aforementioned leader of AHBE, made his fortune after co-founding United Communications Group in 1977. He also continues to sit on the Board of Directors of TechTarget. Visit brucelevenson’s website for more information.

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