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Fabletics & It’s Inspiration To Women’s Fitness

Fabletics & It’s Inspiration To Women’s Fitness

Living in today’s modern society has it’s positives and it’s negative’s especially when it comes to health. The negatives include processed foods, too much technology which makes us lazy, and high priced goods/services. Some of the positives are advancements in health foods, the internet, and numerous ways of living a healthier lifestyle. Are you a woman that are looking to take your health back from years of destruction? Would you be willing to subscribe to community of other like-minded females that are seeking healthy living? If you are, how about reading the remaining lines of this article.

The women’s health and fitness industry/community is rather small when being compared to men’s. Being so small in size, this untapped market has been waiting for growth for many years and finally it’s has happened. Have you ever heard of Fabletics? Well, Fabletics is revolutionizing female fitness, health, and lifestyle. The brand has some of the most popular activewear for women and with such success, this online brand is expanding into to more physical locations. Fabletics is a healthy living community of active and like-minded females who all share the same goals. Offering more than just training attire, Fabletics gives you motivation and support to achieve success with your health. Being a member of the community has it’s perks through and through. Now you’ll be able to receive some of the best, high quality activewear at the biggest of discounts. The activewear is so versatile that it can be worn around town whether it’s running errands, training, hanging out, or doing for the family.

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Forbes announced that Fabletics will be opening between 75 and 100 new stores over the next five year time frame. Some of these new stores have already opened in Las Vegas’ Summerlin Shopping Center, Mall of America, Charlotte’s SouthPark Mall, and Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Colorado. The face of Fabletics is Actress Kate Hudson. This mother of three knows just how important living a healthy lifestyle is and she’s one of it’s active members. She’s also one of the brand’s co-founders and has a firm grip on the brand’s direction. If you want to be a part of this revolution all you have to do is sign-up. Just complete a survey regarding your training and lifestyle. From there you’ll be receive personalized outfits of your preferences each and every month of your membership. If this isn’t motivation then what is?

Fabletics inspires you to get and stay active. The clothing line has been stated as being cute, fashionable, high performance, and cheap. If you join then you’ll most certainly be “Kate Approved.”

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