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Handy, a Modern App-Based Business That’s Really Working

Handy, a Modern App-Based Business That’s Really Working

One of the wonderful things about modern technology is it’s brought many new business models into the marketplace that otherwise would not even exist. One striking example of this phenomenon is the Handy Cleaning Service. This simple business model is based on an app that links you with qualified housekeepers in your area.

You can also find great repairmen and plumbers via the app as well. If you’re moving into a new home or office, Handy.com also sells several simple IKEA-style furniture products via their app. You can have workers deliver the furniture to your home or office and install if for you right on the spot.

Many finance professionals are praising the Handy business model. However, some are still critical of it. The idea of ordering workers like you order a pizza is new to the world economy. Other businesses like Uber and Lyft have found success with the business model by offering rides as opposed to services. However, there are still some finance experts who are critical of the numbers they’ve produced and whether the business models are sustainable.

Other critics show concern over whether the businesses offer their users and workers enough security and insurance to conduct their business exchanges in such a fashion. However, no one can deny that most people would simply just hire a worker through even more anonymous channels like online classified websites or offline newspaper ads. These types of venues offer even less security. In addition, workers and contractors know very little about the person they’re hiring. Their only other alternative would be to hire a large, expensive service that researches worker histories and screens workers for them. However, this scale of home and business cleaning and repair help is simply too much and too expensive for the average customer.