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Eric Pulier is now encouraging young people to help find tomorrow’s solutions for today’s challenges. Whether that challenge is deep space travel, finding new sources of energy, building an artificial intelligence system or anything else, Pulier and other board members of XPrize Foundation are encouraging young people to dream big and find solutions. If someone can find a solution to a challenge, they win an XPrize. Pulier has brought his own ideas to life over the years from building his own computer and software companies, to helping find global solutions with former President Bill Clinton’s global initiative program.

Pulier began his interests in computer programming all the way back when he was in elementary school, when he started writing his own programs in 4th grade. He pursued this interest all the way through high school, and then enrolled at both Harvard University and MIT for college. At Harvard he was an American and English literature major who also wrote for the Harvard Crimson, while at MIT he took night classes in information technology and put his programming skills to use. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in the late 1980s.

Pulier started out his business and IT career in Los Angeles, working for a few years with a non-profit group called People Doing Things. In 1994, he founded a leading digital media company called Digital Evolution, later bought by US Interactive, LLC. After founding this company, he started several enterprise management companies including Media Platform, Akana, Desktone and ServiceMesh, the last of which was purchased by the Computer Sciences Corporation a few years back. He also wrote a college-level textbook called Understanding Enterprise SOA.

Pulier got involved in philanthropy, becoming a part of Starbright World, a program that was started by several big technology and motion picture companies. The program was a large virtual reality platform that showed young children how to fight chronic sickness. Pulier also was a part of an exhibition former President Bill Clinton decided to host after his reelection in 1996, the Bridge to the 21st Century. This exhibition showed what new developments were going to be coming, and even had a live feed of the space shuttle that had been launched not too long before.


The Atlanta Hawks Baseball and Entertainment LLC, former owning group of NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, are suing the New Hampshire Insurance Company for failing to finalize concerning the settlement of client former Hawks’ manager, Danny Ferry. AHBE, led by Bruce Levenson, have already sold the franchise to an investment group led by Tony Ressler. The suit, which in no way involves Ressler’s group, charges NHIC for breach of contract and bad faith. AHBE has long used NHIC for employment purposes and fully believed that they covered losses related to employment practices.

Ferry was bought out of the Hawks’ franchise for on June 22, 2015 and Fessler’s group bought the franchise on June 24 of the same year. A spokesperson for Fessler’s group has officially announced to the ESPN press that since they are in no way connected to the lawsuit, they know of no details whatsoever. In fact, few parties outside of those involved know very many details at all since the amount of the claim has been classified as confidential. What is known is that the lawsuit primarly involves NHIC’s failure to acknowledge the claim at all.

That means they did not participate in any way during the event surrounding the dealings with Ferry. This despite the fact that NHIC is by the terms of the agreement clearly obligated to redeem the claim. The lawsuit shows that they have no grounds whatsoever in being justified in ignoring it. Barnes & Thornburg LLP, the law firm representing AHBE in this matter, as part of the suit is seeking 50% penalty for the unpaid loss and the additional legal fees. NHIC has not commented on any of this. Levenson, the aforementioned leader of AHBE, made his fortune after co-founding United Communications Group in 1977. He also continues to sit on the Board of Directors of TechTarget. Visit brucelevenson’s website for more information.

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html


Betting is a phenomenon that is fast gaining ground and virtually every sport offers opportunities for bettors to reap benefits. Many people who enter the scene of betting do so before getting the right information and they end up losing their investment. To bet successfully, you should consider getting information from verified sources and websites that have been in the industry for many years. Just like in any other sport, college football betting is about planning and understanding how the sport is moving.

Placing bets before verifying information will ultimately lead to massive losses if the teams one has placed bets against fail to return the expected results. Upcoming bettors are the most affected by the greed to reap quick money even before verifying facts and doing their homework, and this is a dangerous approach that may not help when you want to become an expert at college football betting. To eliminate all the mistakes one makes at the initial stages of learning, here are facts every bettor should consider to enhance their chances of walking away with victory.

Do your homework
Those who rely on online gossip to make decisions while betting are prone to losing their money to poor decisions. You should always use verified facts that are offered by leading sites like Covers.com to avoid losing your bets due to small errors. Such online forums like Covers.com allow you to understand the real situation about each team and with the information you are able to make better decisions. Winning is all about the strategy you pick, so if you want to get good results while betting then you should consider researching about each team before you place your bets.

Invest what you can lose
Just like many forms of gambling, there is no guarantee the teams playing will give you the results you have on your prediction. Even when a strong team is playing with one that is considered low in the chain things change. Therefore, the amount you put to college football betting should be money you can afford to lose.

More about Covers.com
Covers.com, which was founded in 1995, is a leading website that offers information about different teams and games and it is one of the best outlets for football odds and information about teams. They offer real-time statistical data and updates that allow one to understand how different teams are faring in the industry.

Brad Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College, and his initial exposure to the investment market came with the founding of Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. The company saw success, and in 2000 Reifler Trading Corporation was sold to Refco.

Brad Reifler then became CEO of Pali Capital Inc. Under his leadership, Pali Capital posted consistent revenues. Pali Capital expanded to employee over 200 individuals, and they broadened their business ventures to include the United Kingdom, Latin America, Singapore, and Australia.

From his experience in finance and investment, Brad realized that the majority of investment companies focused on the most affluent segment of the population. Strict definitions of an “accredited investor” limited the options for a middle class American looking to invest. Brad decided to change this.

In January 2014, Brad Reifler founded Forefront Income Trust. His goal is to help middle class Americans achieve financial success in investments, and his company incorporates some unique strategies in order to achieve this. Forefront Income Trust is a public fund that provides an opportunity for the average individual to invest in areas that were previously considered only for those in the top 1%. Brad’s strategies work because the funds don’t make money until the investor earns 8%. These investments minimize risk and are sourced from individuals involved in the Forefront community. An added bonus is that 3% of returns are donated to military veterans and their families.

Because the Forefront products are not dependent on the stock market, investers can achieve diversification and minimize the inherent risks of high return strategies. With the creation of Forefront Income Trust, and the principle of compound returns, Brad Reifler has given middle class America the opportunity to work with a company who is invested in their success.

There are some people who have dreams of achieving big things. However, their version of big things tend to be different from what is truly big. There are people that are dreaming about controlling everything and everyone. This often arises from some kind of insecurity. A lot of people do feel insignificant. Therefore, they often have dreams that compensate for what they feel that they lack. However, the attempt to control other people often does not work out well for people. This is one of the reasons that people often fail to live up to their dreams. Fortunately, there is a better alternative.


One person that is an example of this alternative is Malini Saba. She has made a lot of progress in her work as an investor. She is someone who does not seek to control others. However, she has faced some opposition in her rise to the top from people who want to control everything and everyone. However, she has shown that it is not necessary for people to control everyone. She has also shown that attempts to dominate everyone are ultimately going to fail. She has not only moved past the obstacles, she has made it easier for other women to move past their obstacles.


Her way of dealing with people also shows that she is not interested in controlling people. For one thing, she takes the time to ask people as opposed to telling them. This makes people more comfortable with her. This is one of the reasons that Malini Saba is not only respected and admired, but truly cherished. She shows people an alternate way of gaining respect.


One of the most important activities to her is helping out people who are struggling. This is why she has set up Stree: Global Investments In Women. She is someone who has been vulnerable and poor herself. She does not look back on this experience with fondness. Therefore, she wants to help people rise up from their circumstances so that they can experience prosperity. After all, being on the bottom of everything is really tough and something that one should not have to go through.


Living in today’s modern society has it’s positives and it’s negative’s especially when it comes to health. The negatives include processed foods, too much technology which makes us lazy, and high priced goods/services. Some of the positives are advancements in health foods, the internet, and numerous ways of living a healthier lifestyle. Are you a woman that are looking to take your health back from years of destruction? Would you be willing to subscribe to community of other like-minded females that are seeking healthy living? If you are, how about reading the remaining lines of this article.

The women’s health and fitness industry/community is rather small when being compared to men’s. Being so small in size, this untapped market has been waiting for growth for many years and finally it’s has happened. Have you ever heard of Fabletics? Well, Fabletics is revolutionizing female fitness, health, and lifestyle. The brand has some of the most popular activewear for women and with such success, this online brand is expanding into to more physical locations. Fabletics is a healthy living community of active and like-minded females who all share the same goals. Offering more than just training attire, Fabletics gives you motivation and support to achieve success with your health. Being a member of the community has it’s perks through and through. Now you’ll be able to receive some of the best, high quality activewear at the biggest of discounts. The activewear is so versatile that it can be worn around town whether it’s running errands, training, hanging out, or doing for the family.

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Forbes announced that Fabletics will be opening between 75 and 100 new stores over the next five year time frame. Some of these new stores have already opened in Las Vegas’ Summerlin Shopping Center, Mall of America, Charlotte’s SouthPark Mall, and Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Colorado. The face of Fabletics is Actress Kate Hudson. This mother of three knows just how important living a healthy lifestyle is and she’s one of it’s active members. She’s also one of the brand’s co-founders and has a firm grip on the brand’s direction. If you want to be a part of this revolution all you have to do is sign-up. Just complete a survey regarding your training and lifestyle. From there you’ll be receive personalized outfits of your preferences each and every month of your membership. If this isn’t motivation then what is?

Fabletics inspires you to get and stay active. The clothing line has been stated as being cute, fashionable, high performance, and cheap. If you join then you’ll most certainly be “Kate Approved.”

Follow Fabletics On: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabletics

One of the wonderful things about modern technology is it’s brought many new business models into the marketplace that otherwise would not even exist. One striking example of this phenomenon is the Handy Cleaning Service. This simple business model is based on an app that links you with qualified housekeepers in your area.

You can also find great repairmen and plumbers via the app as well. If you’re moving into a new home or office, Handy.com also sells several simple IKEA-style furniture products via their app. You can have workers deliver the furniture to your home or office and install if for you right on the spot.

Many finance professionals are praising the Handy business model. However, some are still critical of it. The idea of ordering workers like you order a pizza is new to the world economy. Other businesses like Uber and Lyft have found success with the business model by offering rides as opposed to services. However, there are still some finance experts who are critical of the numbers they’ve produced and whether the business models are sustainable.

Other critics show concern over whether the businesses offer their users and workers enough security and insurance to conduct their business exchanges in such a fashion. However, no one can deny that most people would simply just hire a worker through even more anonymous channels like online classified websites or offline newspaper ads. These types of venues offer even less security. In addition, workers and contractors know very little about the person they’re hiring. Their only other alternative would be to hire a large, expensive service that researches worker histories and screens workers for them. However, this scale of home and business cleaning and repair help is simply too much and too expensive for the average customer.