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TOWN Residential Excels in Showing Clients Exceptional Luxury Apartments in NYC

TOWN Residential Excels in Showing Clients Exceptional Luxury Apartments in NYC


With thousands of NYC apartments for rent in the city, finding the right one for you is what TOWN Residential does best. In just five years, Andrew Heiberger, founder and director, has made TOWN one of the top luxury real estate firms in New York City. He began the firm with one office space in Manhattan, several excellent employees and his slogan that sums the focus and dedication of his team to their clients.


The Slogan: My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home expresses in six words that TOWN believes in NYC and is committed to the client. Heiberg has always focused his team on the best client services because he knows that finding a luxury NYC apartment for rent requires a special and unique talent and TOWN real estate has found the key to satisfied customers.


From Manhattan and Brooklyn, TOWN Residential has grown into 11 offices across NYC including the newest office in the trendy, meat-packing district where they obtained the entire floor with over 4,000 sq. ft. It takes a special talent to be successful in luxury real estate and with NYC apartments for rent, and TOWN does this with expert personnel who know NYC and place the client first. They have been recognized as a “Best Firm to Work For” and one of the “Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City.”


Luxury NYC apartments for rent come in all sizes, locations and with beautiful luxury ammonites including a bike valet, indoor pool, studio space, billiards lounge, yoga studio and pet spas to name a few. These amenities can be found in locations that are strategic for the client such as near work, museums or music studios. Amazing extras add value to even the most spectacular condos or apartments, and TOWN is talented in finding exactly what you need and desire to lease in NYC.


There are amazing deluxe NYC apartments for rent in all areas of the city. If you are looking for a unique, luxury space with incredible amenities to lease, they are available in one, two, three, four and five bedrooms depending on your needs, and TOWN Residential will be pleased to show you a spectacular new home.