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Laidlaw & Company on Wealth Management Advice to Firms

Laidlaw & Company on Wealth Management Advice to Firms

According to the PRNewswire news article published on 26 January 2016, Relmada Therapeutics, a clinical-stage company issued statement on amending its case against Laidlaw & Company. Relmada specializes in generating novel therapies for terminal pain treatment. The motion seeks to amend a filed complaint, which is a component of the lawsuit that the Relmada had initially filed. The new case includes a legal claim against Laidlaw’s breach of contract through disclosure of confidential information. Laidlaw & Company is a UK-based law firm. Besides, Relmada is pursuing monetary damages incurred from fees and expenses when issuing response to Laidlaw’s incorrect and misleading proxy materials in December 2015.

According to Relmada, the Nevada Court initially issued a temporary restraining order linked to an injunction against Laidlaw and its associates, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The lawsuit relates to the dissemination of false proxy information. The board of Relmada insists Laidlaw must compensate the firm for reputation damages it has suffered because of Laidlaw’s irresponsible actions. Besides, Relmada believes that it should be protected from Laidlaw’s possible plan of destroying the company in the future. The firm forwarded a letter issuing their interests to reinforce the complainant and victim’s case. While addressing the stockholders, the letter acknowledged the support of its team players.

About Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company provides a spectrum of services ranging from investment banking and brokerage services. It provides personalized investment advice to nongovernmental and governmental institutions, and large net worth individual investors. Laidlaw & Company provides full investment banking and wealth management services to new firms and organizations. Laidlaw & Company targets the domestic and international companies and corporate entrepreneurs with a network of offices in the United States and Europe. The company’s mission and vision are based on culturally oriented strategy.