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Kyle Bass’s Hedge Fund Slips Badly In Oil

Kyle Bass’s Hedge Fund Slips Badly In Oil


Oil and gas prices have been rather low. This has benefited plenty of customers. However, investors like Kyle Bass has taken a hit from the industry. Kyle Bass has decided to bet against the oil and gas market. As a result, he has experienced results that have been less than valuable. When one looks into the issue, he will find himself scratching his head even more at the situation at hand. It seems that Kyle just can’t catch a break. For one thing, he has went to T. Boone Pickens for advice. Kyle Bass was told that the domestic oil supply is not going to exceed capacity of domestic storage. Kyle Bass has taken that to mean that the prices are going to rise. However, it did not happen that way, and Pickens is a guru who has shown a lot of knowledge about the market.


Kyle Bass has been known for his misfires in the market. He has also tried some underhanded tricks in order to profit there. His only shining moment was when he predicted the fall of the economy. He has also aligned himself with other people who are not good with money management. As a result, people quickly stopped taking him seriously.


There is the question as to whether or not Pickens deserves any blame. While Pickens was predicting the rebound for a while, Kyle is the one who has decided to run with the advice. The fact stands that Kyle bet against the market and lost quite a bit for it. Kyle does not seem to pass the blame on anyone. One thing that could be said for the market is that there are people that are going to win and there are people that are going to lose when it comes to making bets on price action.